A dream comes true

Sibel is a normal student from Germany. When she finds out, her favourite Boyband named One Direction give a concert Sibel and her friends freaked out. They flew to Berlin to go to their concert. But the best: Their concert is on the same day as Sibel's birthday. Her friends will make her a present.
Find out what kind of present it is and what will happen next.

This is my first Movella. I hope you like it.
And sorry if there are writing mistakes. I'm from Germany and my english isn't that good.


1. First impression

Sibel's P.O.V.

I'm Sibel and I'm just an ordinary girl. I'm a Directioner since the very first beginning. I live in Germany, near Düsseldorf. My parents are divorced. I live with my mother and my older sister. I visit a boring school with boring students. I'm not very popular but I have awesome friends.
Today is just a normal day. I get up, take a shower, brush my teeth, change my clothes and go to school without breakfast. Like everyday.
"Hey Sibel" I heared my best friend shouting.
"Hey Abbey" I replied tired. I don't want to be here now, I just want to lay in my bed and listen to One Direction.
"Ready for maths?" Abbey asked.
"No, not really" I answered. I hate maths. There is only one reason why I don't freak out. It's because of my best friend Josh. I know him since one year and I'm happy that he's my best friend. I can talk about everything with him. He knows everything about me and I love him for the things he does to me.
The lesson is now over and it was so boring like hell.
"How was maths?" Tim wanted to know.

"So Boring" I almost shouted "It's everytime the same. I enter the class. I sit on my place. The teacher talks. Nobody listens to him. And I'm talking to Josh. Like every lesson."
Finally the school is over and I'm home. After lunch I went in my room, go online and listen to music. My phone went off and I saw Abbey was calling.
"Hey Abbey, wha-" she cuts me off.
"Oh my god Sibel. One Direction." she stops.
"What? What about them? Abbey tell me!" I ordered impartiently.
"They give a concert in Berlin on the 11th February next year! On your 18th birthday" she yelled excited like never before.
"Oh my god Abbey! We have to get these tickets! I need to see them." I nearly freaked out. They give a concert on my birthday! I have to go there and see them. "Abbey, we have to get tickets. When does the sale begin?"
"Uhmm let's see.. on wednesday" her voice is now quite normal.
"Okay so if Hannah and Julia join us, it would be perfect." I suggested. I know Hannah since we were little. She's like my sister.
"Yaay, we're gonna do a Directioner Party. That will be fun. I'll ask them. I hope it works." she said a bit nervous at the end.
"I hope so." I responded.
After 30 minutes of waiting I called Abbey to know what Hannah and Julia said.
"Hey Sibel. Everything is alright. Han and Julia will join us." she answered before I could ask.
"Thats great, Abbey. I'm so happy now"
"Yeah me too, love. I'll see you tomorrow Sibel."
"Okay, see you." I hung up the phone and throw myself on my bed and closed my eyes. I just imagined what could happen on the concert. After about 10 minutes of thinking I fell asleep.


*A/N: I hope you liked the first part. Sorry there was no 1D related but I have to introduce the characters a bit, but don't worry one direction will appear soon :) please give me a feedback how do you like this story.. Thank you xx

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