Wild Magic

Charlie has an adventure, a quest, a story to tell, listen and follow her through what it seems like fairy tales.


1. where am i

You think you life is hell, you want to try mine.

I have no one, there is no one, im alone, trapped, scared but some how still alive, let me tell you about it.

One day i woke up, im in my brothers plain little baby blue room, it was odd, my brother wouldn't even let me see inside his room.

I walked out and looked around, the candy floss pink walls were rotten to the core, the once beautiful hundreds of years old mirror from Greece was smashed but no glass layed across the dusty floor.

Everything was rotten, disgusting and vial, "mama" i yelled but only silence was heard, "papa", still silence fell.

I frowned and ran down stair, i gasped and rubbed my eyes hoping it was all a dream, everything, gone, destroyed, left with an empty feeling.

"Mama, Papa, Connor" i cried, Connor is my younger brother, i quickly ran outside and looked around.

What is this, all the house, shops, roads gone, a forest i had never seen lay ahead of me.

I starred at it for a while, when i heard a deadly scream come from in side it, what do i do, without thinking i shot into the forest, running so fast, im surprized i didn't trip over my own feet.

I saw a little path and ran towards it, the ground felt odd under my feet, it was moist and my feet sunk into the soft ground, it took the shape of my shoe and carved into the souls pattern.

I stopped for a second to catch my breath and looked around, "Hello" i yelled hoping for a sound, a movement, a sign of anything or any one but only silence remained.

It was deadly, i never knew silence could scare you, it was like daggers, slashing you at every breath.

I felt a slight breeze and the wind began to whistle, like it was alive, it was alive, it travelled through the air singing peacefully.

Mama always told me nature is pure, it lives with us, inside of us, i was always confused by that.

It made no sense, i looked around again and sank to the floor, i curled up in a ball and cried, "wake up Chalie wake up" i said to myself, what has happened, where is everyone, where am i now.

Whats going on, questions ran through my head, after a while i forced myself to stand back up, maybe there back at home, i turned around and gasped.

Th-the trees they had packed tight on each over, how surely they couldn't have moved, this must be a dream, this is not possible but this dream is so real.

Im talking nonsense, this is a dream, nothing else but im afraid i do fear this dream, i want to wake up desperately.

I need to stay calm, follow the dream though out i may wake up quicker, i hope.




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