Bad boy

bad boy just came in...


1. Getting to know each other

Okey let me just get name is Liona linn. Most people call me Linn for short. So i was born at London. My mom and dad live in Asterdam while i lived in my hometown...I have the cutest boyfriend ever named Niall Horan...his from a british band called one direction.. i am so sure all of you know that. So how we me... my best friend Ashley is Harry Styles girlfriend so she gave me back stage passes to meet one direction well by that time i was liked their biggest fan. Ashley introduce me to Niall and from that we became a couple. 


So my parents lived so far away from me so they dont know what i do much...but they know bout me and Niall...i dont go to work and i finish my studies opps before i forgot i am an 18 years old teen. Il= lived with Niall in his apartment with the boys.. Well i am not the only girl there... El is there same goes to Danni and Ashley and not to forget Sarah Zayn's girlfriend.


So the 10 of us live in a huge apartment. I share a room with Niall,but the weird part about us is that we never had sex before maybe because we wanted to wait for the perfect time and plus i am not ready for it.  


I ALSO HAVE AN OLDER SISTER, SHE IS 27 this year...she live with her husband in Australia,i know my family we very far from each other but we are connected...well its sound weurd but it help


So i guess that is all about me...i think

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