Another World

My names Melanie - Grace. (please just call me Lanie.)
I go to a boarding school in England. It's not that bad, like in the movies.
Its just... Every day you feel like you're in some sort of prison, because when you
see the outside world you feel out of place. Like its another world.


1. Prologue


Lanie's P.o.v

(Big Mansion in L.A)

I woke up to the sound of a womens screeching voice as it echos through out the house. Then I realised 'it was my new mummy's voice. Yippee.'  thought to myself sarcastically

I went over to my door and peaked out, to see a tall woman, who looked liked she just got out of school. She was laughing in a really annoying pitch. 

'How come my dad wanted to marry her?' I sighed to myself. I looked closer at her. She had blonde hair. Obviously fake. And lots of botox. Now I see why my dad was drawn to her, look a those boobs! They were massive.

I didn't notice that my younger brother (Dilan. He was only 5 minutes younger. We're twins.) Was standing beside me. 

"I know. Look at those fake boobs!" Dilan said a little too loudly so that my dad and the women who I will now and forever call Barbie (because I bet from all those plastic surgerys shes had, she is like a living Barbie. Just plastic.) Turned around.

Dilan and I ran back into my room and shut the door. 

"Dilan why the hell would you say that out loud?" I hissed at him. He smirked.

"What. I couldn't help it." He fake pouted at me. I opened the door slightly to get another peek. I crept out with my brother on my tail. And peeked over the banister. She and dad were still there. They were talking about something but it didn't sound very interesting.

"Just looked at those boobs! They're like massive water balloons. I wonder what would happen if I popped one with a needle?" He asked smirking slightly at the thought. Ugh my brother. He is so gross. 

"Well i'm going down to meet the Barbie doll. Are you coming? Do you think you can handle being squished in a hug next to her big bosoms?" I teased him. He got up and frowned at me a stomped downstairs and I followed.

"Oh, your up!" Dad said happily. I watched as Barbie came over and hugged my dad, then she looked at me as if to say 'he's mine so stay away.' 

That grossed me out a bit he's my dad for goodness sake! I've only just met Barbie and already I hate her GUTS!

"Dilan, Melanie - Grace" He started. Ugh I hate when he calls me that!

"I would like you to introduce you to my fiance, your new step mother." Exclaimed my dad.

"Nice to meet you!" Dilan said politly. I looked at him in disgust. I can't believe he's my brother. He's such a goody goody in front of guests and dad.

"Melanie - Grace..." My dad edged me on to say hello. I just stood there. Thinking 'how could my dad get over mum so quickly' If your wondering my mum managed to get kidnapped, but when she called us to tell us that she was alright and to call the police. Her kidnappers found out and beat her to death. You proberly weren't expecting that were you? 

"Hi" I finally spat out at her. If looks could kill, there would be a war between us and she would be winning. She was giving me the most dirtious look ever so I gave her one back.

"Melanie - Grace stop looking at your new step mother that way!" My dad yelled at me. He never used to yell at me but once mother died, I would always get yelled at for nothing. It was so not fair. My brother never got yelled at!

When dad said that Barbie wimoered fakely.

"Look at what you've done now! You have upset her." He hollard at the top of his lungs.

"It's ok my honey bunches. She proberly still misses her mummy. We just need some girl to girl time together." She softly said to my dad. He nodded his head then walked away

"What's your name?" Dilan asked politly.

"Well that's very rude of you to ask!" She hissed at him. " But it's Barbie." She said and started to walk away. I snickered at this. I couldn't believe this her name was actually Barbie.

"Are you laughing at me?" She questioned me gripping my shoulder with her hands that felt like they should belong to a brid not a person.

"Yes!" I said right in her face not caring what she would do.

"Honeyyy Bunches your daughter is being mean to me!" She wimpered again. Then out of the blue she slapped herself in the face!

"OWWWWWW!" She yelled. That caused my dad to run in. He looked at the big red patch on the side of her face. The at me.

"You young lady are behaving very badly. I have no other choice I'm sending you to boarding school until you get some manners!" He screamed the last part. Which actually brought tears to my eyes. I missed the old dad so bad. The one who comforted me when I would have nightmares. The one who would sing me to sleep every night.

A tear then threatend to fall out but I choked it back.

"Fine. I would rather be some where else were that witch isn't" I said while running up the stairs and slamming my bedroom door.

I didn't go down for dinner even though I was hungry, I didn't want to face that witch. But the worst part was that my brother didn't stand up for me!

I found a suitcase under my bed. I had no clue what to pack. I opened my laptop and searched 'what to pack for boarding school.' It was better than nothing. 

I shut my laptop and stuffed it into my purse. 

I went down stairs angrilly dragging my suitcase behind me. I bumped into my dad when I got down the stairs. 

"You will need this." He said roughly. And holding out my passport, a plane ticket and a brochure of the school I was going to. I snatched them out of his hands.

I called a taxi to come take me to the airport. 

When I got in the taxi i realisd I didn't say good bye to my brother. But then I decided to forget all about my (ex)- family. 

"Where too?" The taxi driver asked. 

"Um... the airport please." I replied.

It was only a short drive to the airport. I paid the taxi driver and heaved out my suitcase with my purse and went to check in. I handed in my suit case then I was making my way to security.

I didn't have much metel on so it didn't take that long to go through.

Once I got through I immediatly made my way to the bathrooms. I looked in the mirror, and boy did I look like a mess.

"Holy shit." I mumbled to myself. I walked out of the bath rooms, I had a little bit of money that I packed so I went to a clothes store that was in the airport. 

I bought some navy skinny jeans and a t-shirt that says ' I'm not weird, thats just me!'. I already had some make up in my bag if I needed some when I was on the plane.

I went back to the bathrooms and changed out of my old clothes into my new ones and redid my hair and reaplied my make up. And I have to say I looked alot better. I didn't know where to put my clothes so I just left them in the bathrooms.

Awkward for the next person, I know! But I had no where else to put them.

And before I knew it I was on the plane. I sat next to a guy he seemed about my age. He had a hoodie covering his face so I couldn't see it. But he was very quiet. I think he was trying to pretend to be asleep, but I could tell he wasn't because every time I would carry on scrolling through my list of songs on my Iphone i caught him staring at me. Awkward or what?








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