Project: High School Sweethearts

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy of the school that every teenage girl desires and their parents want to avoid. They're all addicted to him and is drawn to him both physically and sexually. Krystal Abrahams is one of those girls, but hates to admit she wants him more.


1. Prologue

Krystal's POV- 

"Sounds like you're in love.. or major like. Whichever term you prefer to use!" Brie, my best friend mocked me as she continued to straighten my long, wavey dark brown hair. 

"Am not. I'm simply physically attracted to him, like every other girl in school, including you, need I remind you." 

"I may want to have angry sex with him just for the heck of it, but Krys, listen to the way you carry on about him! You don't even mention any physical or sexual attraction toward the guy! It's always 'the thought of him gives me butterflies' and 'I ain't thinking about him but he's all I can think about' blah blah blah." Brie finished straightening my hair. 

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes, standing up. 

"Don't whatever me!" 


"Hell no you did not just 'K' me. Rude!" Brie laughed as she put away her hair straightener. "You should talk to him." 

"Why? To embarrass myself?" 

"No. So you guys can like get together or something. How do you know he doesn't like you to? If you just spoke to him, you could really have a chance with this guy. It doesn't matter that we aren't as popular as some of the other girls, but you're way prettier and obviously smarter. You have something, a quality that all the guys want. Just do it, just talk to him." 

"It isn't as simple as just going up to him and saying hi. I'm socially awkward, Brie, you know that!" 

"Babe, you can do it." Brie smiled at me, her light blue braces that match her eyes showing. 

"Thanks boo. You always manage to put a smile in my face. I promise for you, I'll talk to him tomorrow!" I smiled and embraced Brie for a warm hug. 

"Thank you! Now, I better get going before my parents get mad. Later!" I escorted Brie to the front door of my house and she left just like that. 


*Next Day* 

I can't believe she convinced me to do it, after two whole years, my best friend had convinced me into talking to Harry. Harry Styles. My long time crush who I'm in major like with, as I call it, I don't like using the word love. It's so over used. I was at school, standing at my locker and checking myself out in the mirror before Harry came. His locker was next to mine. It had been next to mine for the past 4 years and he's never noticed me once, he's never said hi or acknowledged my exsistance. Probably because he's always making out with another random chick, but that's not the point. He's only been hooking up with girls for the past year. A simple 'hi' would've been appreciated. 

Fixing my hair into a high pony tail, I noticed a group of four boys walking down the corridor, they were hard to miss because everyone would automatically make way for them. Harry and his clique. I applied a quick, thin layer of lip gloss and pretended to go through my books as Harry approached his locker. His friends said a quick goodbye and left, bonus. I won't have to put up with his friends. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath before opening them as shutting my locker door. 

"Hi Ha-" 

"I was wondering, for the past what, four years? I've been wondering when you were going to come out of your little shell of yours." Harry spoke, but was looking into his locker. Was he on the phone? I sighed and turned around to walk away. "So you're just going to leave?" 

I turned to face Harry, who was now looking down on me with his big green eyes, "M-me?" I pointed at myself. 

"Who else?" 

"Oh w-well.." 

"W-well?" Harry laughed, mocking me. "I have to go. I'll see you around though. Maybe." Harry continued to laugh, and I heard him continuously mocking my stuttering. Great first impression, Krystal. You really have him hooked! I was always the type to be pretty much sarcastic about almost everything, it hid away all of my true emotions, I guess this was something I hated about myself. I watched as Harry walked down the corridor alone, he usually has loose brown curls that flow everywhere, but today he had them hidden and tamed within a beanie, only few of his locks escaping the green headgear. He turned back around once more, meeting my eyes. He bit his bottom lip, where he had a hoop lip piercing to the left and played with the ring between his teeth and lips before smiling a seductive half smile and disappearing around the corner. Although I may not have him hooked, he has got my undivided attention and more. 

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