1 BIG Secret.

1 BIG Secret could change my whole life..


1. Front Row seats, and Backstage passes.

Rhianna’s P.O.V

OMG OMG OMG! I scream out loud, as my mum gives me tickets to go and see One Direction live next Saturday for my birthday! Front row and backstage passes! AHHHHHHH.

I’m aloud to take 1 friend so I will take Casey my best friend; my mum rang her and her mum earlier to make sure it was ok.  I’m so excited it’s unbelievable. I get to meet my idols.

I need to pick out what to wear, and how to do my hair; I need to look nice if I’m meeting my idols. I ran upstairs jumping over the toy cars my younger brother has been playing with and ran to my room. I opened my wardrobe and looked at all my clothes; I need new clothes I thought to myself.  So I rang Casey and asked her if she wants to go shopping to get something for Saturday. I put my shoes on got my phone and my keys, and ran out the house to my car. I drove to Casey’s and picked her up then we drove to the town centre. When we got there we straight away went to River Island to see If the blue high-tops I have always wanted are in my size.  I check the first pair which is facing me, and it is my size. I scream and everyone looked at me, I buy them and Casey buys the white ones. We then went to New Look we were looking around and I picked out some blue skinny jeans that were really nice, and a one direction tour top which says “ TAKE ME HOME 2013 “ with all the songs written on the back. I buy both of them and Casey buys a purse, because she has what she’s going to wear already. After New Look we decide to go to Jack Wills, when we get in there I spot a brown body warmer with jack wills written on the front with a hood. So I obviously buy that because it’s really nice. Now that I have most of the stuff im going to wear I just need to buy a hoodie and some new mascara; we decide to go to lunch because were really hungry now. We go to subway I get a tuna and cheese one and Casey gets cheese with ham. Once we have eaten we go to Boots and get some new mascara, whilst were there I look at the hair dye because I really want to dip dye my hair blonde; but im not sure what it will look like. So I buy a wash in wash out one which should stay in for 6 weeks, it’s a golden blonde which should look okay. Once we have been to boots we drive home, there wasn’t any hoodies so I will just have to wear one which I already have. When we get home I dip dye my hair blonde with the help of Casey, once it is done Casey looks at me and says I look just like Emily the girlfriend of Louis’ from One Direction. This is amazing because she is stunning. It’s weird apparently I look like her, we have the same birthday and we have similar laughs. Anyway the dip dye looks really nice so I might get it permanent soon.


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