The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


10. A New Feeling

I hadn't heard from Harry in a while, I hadn't seen him since the hospital, weird because I'm not really fussed with boys, I think the reason that is though is because I have testosterone, left, right and centre at home, that boys never phased me. I was in English and we were still watching Romeo and Juliet, we were putting notes down in our journal about how we felt the lesson was going ect. I sneakily pulled my phone out my pocket and checked to see if he had sent a text or anything, but no nothing. My face crumpled with confusion, I would of thought he would of sent a text to see how Beth was getting on, so I decided to send him one instead.

Harry Styles

Hey just wondering how things are going haven't seen you in a while and I just wanted to know how your uncle was getting on? :) Ally x

I put my phone away as I scribbled some more lyrics in my journal trying to take my mind off of things. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Summer was coming up fast we didn't have long left till we left school and my birthday was coming up in a few weeks too, we had prom to sort for, colleges to apply to. Everything was stressing me out, the fact that Beth was still unconscious, 7 days and counting, I was worried that she was going to miss out on all these fun things just because of her fainting. After school had finished I packed up my things at home, taking my phone and laptop with me and left for the hospital, leaving a note to my brothers that I had cooked them dinner which was left in the oven heating. When reaching the hospital, I made way for her room, I sighed as I entered smiling at her nurse who recognised me as I sat down and made myself at home.

'You come here quite a lot?' She smiled gently as she carefully adjusted Beth's drips which hung lifeless next to her on a hanger.

'Yeah I do.' I sighed, looking straight at Beth.

'You're such a good friend. You're Mum must get worried, no?' She asked looking at me suspiciously.

'What Mum.' I said quietly but sourly. I didn't want her to start asking me all these questions about my mum, I wasn't in the mood. When she left I sat up on the end of her bed and started up my laptop keeping my phone next to me. I was busy applying to a few colleges when I got a text, thinking it would be Jamie or Josh I went and looked at it. By my mistake it was from Harry.

From: Harry Styles 4:08PM

Hey sorry haven't been in touch lately had a lot going on with the band ect. My uncle is fine he is out of hospital now which is good news, he recovered quickly! Hope everything is alright with you? Might pop in the hospital next to see you and to see how Beth's getting on, if that's okay? :) xx

My heart fluttered, I was so happy for him that his uncle was better but in a way I was sad, Harry was the only other person apart from Beth who understood me, I wanted to see him again.

To: Harry Styles

Hi, it's fine, understandable. Hope every thing's okay? I'm so happy that your uncle is well! He did recover quick hopefully Beth will too! She's okay, she has been unconcious now for 7 days, I'm worrying slightly. You're more than welcome to come in a visit, she would like that. Text me when you wanna come in next, and I'll make sure I'm coming in. :) x

I smiled to myself as I sent the text. Putting the phone down I carried on applying to colleges, when I finished I pulled out my notebook and instead of carry on finishing my song, I turned a couple of pages and wrote an entry.

7 days and counting. This is how long Beth has been in her coma. The doctors are worried that this is going to be a long-term thing, which isn't good especially if she fainted, it could suggested that she has something in her cranium or in her system. I'm scared, this is the first time in my life that I have ever been so scared that I feel like throwing up all the time. I can't loose her I just can't, I don't know what I would do without her!

I closed the journal putting it away and sat on the bed and sighed, I looked at my phone to check the time, it was 9:20PM. I decided that now would be a good time to go. I quickly ripped the note I wrote to her earlier from my notebook and folded it and left it in a pile with the others on her bedside table. I smiled and left. Passing a tall boy on the way.

Harry POV

I was walking through the hospital in hope to see Ally. I was walking through Beth's wing when this medium long blonde haired girl rushed past. Thank god she didn't notice me, I breathed as I carried on walking, turning into Beth's room finding only Beth in there peaceful. I looked on her bedside table and saw a pile of notes, I wondered over and picked the first one up reading what it said on the front.

To Bethany, from you're sister Ally.

Her beautiful writing stood out, as I gazed at her name, the way the 'y' flicked and the neatness of the writing. I felt rude reading it and seeing as she wasn't here I decided to leave, but I wanted her to know I came here looking for her I wanted to show her that though I was a popstar I did have feelings as I knew that though we had built bridges, I could sense that she fully didn't understand who I was. I found a piece of paper on the floor by Beth's bed, and a pen on the table, I picked it up and scribbled down.

Hey Ally,

I came here around 9:25PM looking for you to see if you were here. I felt bad not texting you or letting you know how I was I've been really busy. If you're not busy this Friday or something, I would love to meet up with you.

See you soon

Harry Styles.

I folded the note and wrote 'Dear Ally, HS' before leaving.

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