The Rambo Tales: Appletree

A series of books i am writing about a me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

'Appletree' is about a competition Amy and Emily enter with their horses.


1. Chapter 1

Amy searched around the yard frantically trying to find Rambo.

Rambo is a four year old, sixteen hands-high Friesian stallion, that Amy had owned since he was young, and she owned his mother too. Rambo could do almost anything. He had done all the pony club activities, and he had been on a few hacks and could pull a truck full of people down the street with ease. He is Amy’s strong, brave stallion who she loves.

As Amy walked around her yard trying to find her strong Friesian, she found the broken head collar. With her dark brown hair flying into her face with the strong wind blowing, she started to wonder how the head collar had broke. Then she realised, with Rambo’s intelligence and strength, he probably thought he could rub it off using the wood in his stable.

A few minutes later she saw him hiding around the corner. She called him over using his favourite treat, carrots. He instantly galloped over to Amy and munched all of the carrots in a few seconds. She quickly put another head collar on, and walked him to his stable, whilst he kept sniffing her for more. “come on now Rambo, we have a show jumping competition to go to, and I know you love them, so be good!”. Rambo lifted his ears up. “competition” was a trigger word for Rambo. Amy and Rambo love competitions, it is their time to shine. Rambo loves wearing his competition tack. His everyday riding tack was a bore to him, it was just plain.

Amy started to put on his show jumping tack. He wore a light blue saddle cloth, with “Rambo” embroidered into it. Then she put on his bridle and made sure the reins were okay. She put on his saddle, the expensive one that was only to be used for competitions. Then she tightened the girth, and made sure the stirrups where the same and right length. Lastly, she put a rosette on his bridle, it says “No.1, Rambo” on, so the people there knew that her horse was the best. Then Rambo got excited, Amy hugged him and calmly spoke to him. “do not get to excited Rambo, we want to do well in this competition!” . Rambo’s ears lifted up, as if he understood everything she was saying, and he started to calm down. She got Rambo’s big holiday bag, which, in the winter, kept his big winter rug in, a first aid kit in case he got injured, and his grooming kit. She made sure that she had not forgot anything, then attached his blue lead and walked him to the horse truck.

However, Rambo’s Achilles’ heel, was hating horse trucks. Rambo started to rear up, and Amy started to calm him down. Amy’s dad saw through the side mirrors of the truck what Rambo was doing, and got out. “I’ll get the CARROT bucket” he sighed. “thanks dad” said Amy. The she said with I sigh “I was hoping that this time he would be a brave boy and walk in by himself, but obviously not”. Amy pretended to frown. Rambo saw that she was sad, and he didn’t like his master being sad. Without hesitation, he put on a strong face and walked into the big truck. Amy took the frown off her face and spoke to Rambo “see, you can do it! But . . . you can still have that carrot bucket when dad gets back”. She tied Rambo’s lead to the wall that split the truck in half. She put on the top chain, to stop Rambo from walking out. She waited for her dad to come back, so she could put the bucket in, then she hooked the bottom chain too.

The other side of the truck was for Amy’s sister’s, Emily, and her pony, Coco. Coco is a fourteen point three hand high, Halfinger pony. Coco has a  medium length blonde mane and forelock. She had three white socks, two on her rear legs and one on the front right. She had a white blaze on her face.

Emily is 10, and she had just got her first pony, she is being taught by Amy to ride. Amy is 13 and Rambo is her second horse. Amy had been riding for years, and could do almost anything with him, jumping, dressage, hacking, and a lot of pony club. She took him on a riding holiday in devon last summer too. When Amy gets a job, she wants to be a horse riding instructor, so she dicided to make a start by teaching Emily how to ride. She trained Coco aswell.

Amy showed Emily how to tack up Coco. Coco was using Amy’s everyday riding tack for her first show. They were going to the same competition, but Emily and coco were entering beginners, and Amy and Rambo were in the master classes. “Walk Coco into the truck Emily, then chain the top one to the other side of the wall”. Emily done as Amy said, then she went and got a bucket full of apples, and put them in with coco, then chained the bottom chain to the wall. Them and their dad got into the car and drove to Apple-tree equestrian centre, which is where the competition is being held.    

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