The week that changed my life

Danielle Paris has won a competition to have her favourite boy band stay with her for a week! will there be a romacne blossoming or will he be stuck as friends forever?


1. Danielle Paris

Hi my name is Danielle Paris but everyone calls me Dani,I am 17, 1 month till im 18 and im in my frist year of sixth form. I have light brown hair that hangs over my shoulders and is very curly, I also have hazle eyes. I live in rumney a.k.a cardiff. My hobbies are acting, gym and singing but only mum, my sister Gemini and mandy my singing teacher knows i sing because im not very confident about it. I love to listen to music but mostly One Direction because they are my favourite band of all time, OH! and one more thing i won a competition that lets me have One Direction stay with me for a week.


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