Grand Widow [The Avengers]

Before the Black Widow, a different Master Assassin existed. They called her, the Grand Widow. After the new avengers were recruited, they let her go. Now, the Grand Widow is living her life as a party girl, a playboy, a model. When the world is threatened by Loki once more, will the Grand Widow let go of her pride to save her world once again?


1. Introduction.



“What?” I repeated. I was in Nick Fury’s office. Yes, the Nick Fury. You know, the spy of all spies? The one spies secrets have secrets?


“I think it’s time for The Grand Widow to take a break, Meredith.” Fury sat back against his leather chair. “You’ve dedicated your whole life to assassination and serving your country. It’s time for you to let it go.”


“No, no you don’t understand. S.H.I.E.L.D is all I got!” I pleaded, placing my palms against his desk.


He let out a sigh, massaging the bridge of his nose. “This is no time for games, Meredith.” he replied.


“Don’t call me that.” I snapped, my anger taking control of me completely. “I wasted my whole life here! I broke a leg, and even lost a lung for this? Nick Fury, you’ve ruined my whole life!”


“It’s time for new heroes to take care of earth, Widow!” Fury rised from his seat, his face still collected. “Get out of my office.” he sighed, sitting back down.


I do just that, leaving immediately. I held back tears. It wasn’t professional for a master assassin to cry. I held my chin high, ignoring the snickers of the other agents. They had always hated me, because I outshone them. I ignored them, shutting them up with a flick of my wrist.

It was time for the Grand Widow, to be just another memory.

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