Where are we going, Mommy?

"Mommy. I'm scared." My Daughter had said as she held my hand. "Daddy is scaring me." She said again and I kissed her forehead. "He's your former Daddy, your other dad ran away and-" I said and looked at my 3 year old daughter as she said, "Mommy I know. But Niall is like my real daddy." She said as we both looked at each other. "But, right now he's scaring me." She added with a frightened look. "I think we have to run away too. Niall doesn't, really... Love me anymore."


1. Running Away

Where are we going, Mommy? By: Larissa Siqueira. 
Chapter 1: Running away. 
"Brad... You won't believe this." Hot tears ran through my cheeks as I fell to the floor covering my face. My face was completely red from the news I had to deliver to my boyfriend, Brad. My eyes were crying out, big waterfalls. 

"Yes, what is it?" Brad replied taking the tears away that came from the corner of my eye. "C'mon, tell me." He said as I tried calming down. 

I grabbed the stick I had in my hand and put it in his face showing him as he looked at me in shock. There was a line in between the stick. "Brad. I'm- I'm- pregnant." I could see he was packing his bags, I tried not to cry, but failed. I locked myself in the bathroom of my apartment and silently cried, more and more. Later I walked out of the door and could see Brad was standing, and looking right at me. He had has suitcase and his backpack. 

"Goodbye, Larissa." He said and took his glare to the floor and he left with no tears. He grabbed the door knob and turned his head back and glanced at the apartment one more time. 

"Your actually going to do this to me, Brad? Your leaving. Leaving me behind with this child." I popped out and turned my head towards him with red pupils. "Go ahead. Leave. And don't come back, please." Pointing to the door as I could see that he was already out of the door. His head turned back and he walked into his car and drove away, slowly. I didn't want him coming back. He wasn't what I expected. I wanted someone to stay, looks like Brad was not the one. What was I going to do now?I was going to have a child, and with nobody there. I rubbed my stomach and whispered, "don't worry baby. We will find the right father, someday." I smiled and grabbed my suitcases and filled it with everything I had. My house was now bear. With nothing in it, it was all gone. My hands buried in my face, nodding my head. 

"Mom. Hi, it's me, Larissa." I called my Mom and wanted her to hear the news. See if it was normal for me to do this... Abortion. 

"Hello, sweetheart. What's up? How are things?" I could hear her mellow voice on the other end of the line. 

"I have important news. You know- mom. Do you want to meet someplace. I have to tell you some important news." I said. We decided to go to my Mothers house and I would tell her the news there. I hope she wouldn't be so shocked, and maybe not leave me alone. I grabbed my suitcase and smashed it into my car and drove towards the direction of my parents house. 

"Larissa! There you are. I haven't seen you in so long- Wait, where's Brad?" She asked as her arms extended and we were both hugging tightly. My eyes were starting to water. 

"Oh honey. I'm sorry. I know break ups are hard and-" 

"No, Mom. I don't care about him anymore. I'm not crying because of that." I wiped the tear that came down my cheek halfway. "I just needed to tell you. I'm pregnant." I quickly said and turned, didn't want to see her expression, I knew she was going to be shocked and probably leave me to do this alone. 

"Wow. This is just... Disappointing." I could hear her say. I ran back to my car and drove away and turned to any depressing music I could find on the radio. A depressing song finally came onto the radio and I blasted it, making it very loud. The next stop light went red, so I closed my eyes. I wanted to forget about everything. I opened my pupils back up at the horn that another car beeped, and the light flashed green. I drove as fast as I could and stopped at the next park I found and sat on the bench. 

"Excuse me. Can I use this bench?" A soft voice asked and I turned my head towards him and he sat down on the other half. 

"Hey, are you okay?" He grabbed my chin and held it up and asked. 

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks." Replying to his question. He leaned in closer to me and he grabbed my hands.

"You got into a breakup, huh? Yeah me too." They blond haired boy said and our eyes met. 

"Yeah. And he just ran away. Just ran, like the wind..." I said and looked back down. 

"Well don't worry, babe. Just don't worry. I love you." He said. 

"Yo- you- love me?" I asked. 

"Everything will be alright." He said and leaned in, then we kissed for a magical 5 seconds. 

This couldn't be happening. It wasn't real. Brad was gone. And this blond haired boy was part of my imagination. I just couldn't face the fact that I couldn't be alone. Brad was gone and my parents left me alone, and that's all that happened. The boy that kissed me was not real, well, I think. I just had to face that this child wouldn't have a father and that this kiss, was part of my wild fantasies. 

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