She Grew Up

Baby Lux wasn't a baby anymore. She isn't that little, cute one year old toddler anymore. She was a big, beautiful seventeen year old teenager.


1. Remember me?

Hey, i'm Lux, remember me?

Everyone who liked One Direction knew about me.

I was Baby Lux.

I was One Direction's Hairstylist's daughter.

But i'm not that little girl anymore.

I'm a seventeen year old girl. And tomorrow, I'll be eighteen.

The big one eight.

Mummy and Daddy are throwing me a party, and everyone is coming.

One Direction will be playing the music. They told me they wrote a song just for me.

I was excited.

What excited we most, was that daddy invited Seth. I've crushed on him since I could even talk.

Who knows what will happen?

I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

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