Niall's Waitress

Cami has always worked in this pub. She knew Niall Horan before he was famous. So what happens when Niall finally notices her big, blue eyes? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1

Cami rolled over trying to find the switch to cut off her radio alarm clock. The announcer was telling the world all about the song that had just played.

Cami was about to switch it off when the announcer said, "And in the studio today we have Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan from One Direction!"

Cami stopped and decided to listen. Aside from what you are thinking Cami wasn't one of those girls who was obsessed with One Direction.

Did she like their music? Yes. Did she find them attractive? Yes.

Cami worked in a pub since she was fifteen to help her mom pay the bills and take care of her younger siblings, three sisters and four brothers. Eight of them in all and her father left when her last brother turned two.

The pub is where Cami first met Niall. She thought he was attractive way before the fame and his braces but she never had courage to tell him.

"So all the ladies want to know, are you lads taken?"

Cami shook her head, of course that is all they wanted to know.

Louis answered the question first, "I'm with an amazing woman."

She laughed because the announcer obviously wanted more but that is all Louis was prepared to give.

Niall finally answered the question, "I'm single and honestly I'm not looking. I mean if I find the right girl I'll know."

Cami finally switched off the radio because she had to start getting ready for work. She quickly brushed her long, blonde hair in threw it up into a pony tail. Applying just a little foundation onto her skin and a bit too much black eye liner as her mother would say. Cami slipped off her pajamas and pulled on her waitress outfit.

She was now twenty years old, still living at home helping her mother. She unplugged her phone from the charger and noticed the three missed calls.

All were from her ex boyfriend Kol. They had dated for three years but Kol was mad because Cami wanted a relationship based off more than physical attention. Cami started noticing a few months ago that all Kol wanted was sex. When Cami wasn't offering sex Kol wanted nothing to do with her.

They had broken up three days ago but Kol still thought she was only joking and would soon take him back.

While Cami slipped on her black pair of Nike sneakers the phone started going off again and sure enough it was Kol. She pressed ignore and headed out the door.

The reality was Cami had to work a double shift today and did not want to deal with all this drama.

It was Wednesday, a very slow day at work. That meant less tips and less tips meant less money for bills.

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