The dumb story of a teenage girl!

This is just my story


1. Him

Dear whoever is listening,

            Well  i guess i should start by introducing i'm Hannah , I'm 14 , and i'm in 8th grade. This year  has been pretty sucky year. Yeah it could have been worse but like it could have been a lot better. So like a few weeks ago i was just bored and i thought i would just go on Omegle and meet new people and try to stay away from all the nasty stuff, and i came across this really nice dude named Will! Me and him have been talking for a while and even know we have never personally met we still consider ourselves best friends. Like i can always count on him to talk to. Its really nice to have someone to talk to whenever you want and know that there not a girl who we all know will go gossip.(Even i would). Well like i really hope every girl has a guy and a girl best friend because i promise whenever one lets you down you can always count on the other! Well stay beautiful lovelies!

                                                                                                                          -The dumb teenage girl


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