Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


24. Chapter 22

The nurse walked in the quiet room to take Christina's vitals. It was one a.m. on the dot and the hourly visit was more than expected by now. Christina lifted her arm out from underneath the blanket. 

"Are you doing okay dear?" the nurse was a small woman, the grey from age and worry showing in her hair. "Do you need anything?" 

"Um," Christina didn't know if it was a good idea but what in the world did she have to lose. "Could you hand me my phone? My mother put it back into my purse after she left. I just want to call my dad."

"Of course," her smile was faint after she wrapped the blood pressure cuff around Christina's thin arm. As the cuff tighten waiting for the pulse of her heart to stop before it released again the small woman ventured across the room to rumble around in Christina's mess of a purse. 

'Maybe she has tweeted something about the encounter,' is all that Christina could think. Her mother had deactivated her Facebook but had no way of tracking Christina's Twitter as it wasn't under her name. 

"Here you go dear," the nurse handed her the iPhone which was cold in here hands. As she began writing down the numbers for her blood pressure she asked, "Do you need anything else? You can't have anything to eat or drink now but anything else I can do for you?"

"Is there any way to turn up the heat?" she asked pulling the blanket back over her body. 

"I wish dear," she sighed. "I can bring you another blanket."

"Thank you," Christina said as the nurse nodded and walked out of the room. 

Even though the phone was cold in her hands, she knew that the only way to silence the tiny voice of curiosity in her mind she had to check. 

"Deep breathes," Christina told herself out loud. 

Swiping the screen and entering the four numbers that would unlock her phone and allow her life back, somewhat. 

"Here you go dear. Let me know if you need anything else," the nurse said placing the warm, heated blanket over Christina's body. 

"Thank you," Christina immediately felt the warmth covering her body. 

Within seconds Christina had her Twitter app pulled up and was scrolling through her mentions. It was only two and they were from some friends in college telling her they were excited to see her after the break. 

Christina noted the blue one over the person icon which meant she had a direct message. Confused and assuming it was only a spam message she ignored it as she went to search for the Little Mix Twitter account. 

It only took seconds to pull up the Twitter account. Her eyes were becoming heavy from tiredness but she wanted to know if anything had been tweeted. 

The last tweet came from the day she arrived in California as the winner of the competition. 

So excited! We're spending the day with a Mixer! Can't wait! xxJadexx

Christina let out a long sigh because it hurt thinking Jesy hadn't said anything about it. None of them had. But was she really expecting Jesy to call out to her like she was some type of Cinderella to her? 

"Well might as well go see what scam I'm invited to join now," she mumbled under her breathe, not like anyone was in the room to hear her anyway. "Stupid, slow phone," she muttered dropping it once it didn't load as fast as the previous destinations in the Twitter app did. 

Closing her eyes and remembering the taste of Jesy's lips on hers she smiled. Christina picked back up her phone and was taken back by what she saw. 

A message? From the Little Mix account? This had to be one of them parody accounts people like to make to mess with people. But, why would they message me?

Opening the message, as fast as the Twitter app would allow her too, Christina chewed on her bottom lip. She was nervous about what the message was about to say. 

Hello Christina. We just wanted to make sure you were home safely.

-Perrie x :)

The message was short and to the point. First, Christina had to check to make sure it was the verified Twitter account before she went on replying to some random person. It could be a Twitter account set up by someone looking for a story. 

The message was legit. Christina was breatheless at the fact that Perrie sent her a message to make sure she was okay. The only question left on her mind though was. 

Why didn't Jesy send me a message?

But, she had to message them back. She did just up and vanish. That wasn't cool at all and she knew that she had to set things right. 

Perrie, I'm okay. Currently in the hospital preparing for surgery but I'm fine. 

Christina hit the send button before thinking about it. She was certain she would talk herself out of it if it wasn't sent immediately. 

Now the only thing was, would she even get a response?

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