Save a life and listen

A girl who has a hard life, and no one will listen. Now all she wants is for everyone to be heard.


1. Please listen


There was this girl, so simple, so innocent. She never meant to harm anyone, she just wanted the images and dreams; voices and names to stop. Her life story is one that should be in a movie on in real life.  Every was kinda normal, she had a mother and father who loved her so much. Than she turned two, and her parents got divorced; and everything changed. She had to move to Ontario for six months because her father was trying to kill her. When they moved back things were hard, she had to live with her grandparents for a little. The girl is now three and her father is starting to abuse her, she cries out to him asking why, he only answer is because he can't hurt her mother and so the girl is the closes thing to her. her mother her into dance ti keep the little girl busy. The girl turned four but things just got worse, her father kept abusing her, and he later kidnapped her; her mother than put her father in jail. At five the girl now knows that daddy hurts her, and it's her fault. There is nothing she can do to help herself from getting abused. Sadly the girl is now six and this is the last year she has as a happy little girl, within this year this poor innocent girl gets raped, and abused more because she tries to tell someone. She is now seven and the abuse just continues, and she now gets bullied at dance for her weight. This year the girl develops an eating disorder, and fines that the world isn't so colorful. At eight the girl gets bullied at school, dance and home. The abused doesn't stop and no one listens to her cries. The tries her hardest to make everything just a dream, hoping one day she'll wake up. Somehow this girl is now thirteen and she has scars from the abuse, and very little friends. Sadly she gets raped a second time, and no one seems to care about her. At the age of fourteen she fines a way to cope with all if her feelings and everything else; the girl picks up a razor and opens her wrist, the red ink is everywhere and she writes her story. The girl later quite dance because of the bulling; it was her only way to tell her story without talking and people took that away from her. Now the girl is seventeen and she has scars all over her body, she should be hospitalized for some of them, the abuse hasn't stop, and nor has the bulling. She lives in a world of gray and black, she has tried to kill herself this night with pills. No one hears her cries, or sees her story. She screams to god above, she is scared and tired of not being heard. She wakes up the next morning and cries, she didn't want to wake up; she cries to a friend and that friend tells her that she is not alone. The girl to this day still wants to die but doesn't try because she is saving her best friend. She fakes a smile and wipes the tears away, sadly we all know one person who is hurting. For one moment for a friend or a stranger listen to them, hear there story. Everyone has a story, and everyone needs to be heard at least once; you can save a life. This little girl is me, I'm sharing my story because it might save millions or even just one person in the end. All I care is that everyone gets heard. Please save a life and listen. 
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