Herculaneum Princess

Amara a 15 yrold herculaneum girlwho lives in fear of vesiuvius...
This story is about the run up to the explosion in AD79
this is for the competion!!!!


1. Tremor

'' payo'' '' payo where are you'' I cried for my dog Payo as he dissapeared of into the market. That's when it happened, when the ground shook.. Screams everywhere I called for payo once more and he came almost protecting me. Stalls shook and produce fell to the ground,people running in every direction. This was the second time this year the ground had shook papa said Vulcan was angry at us. ''Come on payo we need to return to papa''. I steered us through the crowds until I reached the familliar gold gates, my home. I walked up to the house and checked the crack on the mosiac, it had gotten bigger, it was now the size of my hand.

''Amara look at your tunic it is ruined and your beautiful hair, the pearls are out of place'' said pluno my maid. ''dear pluno did you not feel the tremors'' ''of course I did Amara I am not a fool'' ''oh please forgive me pluno but I was sure you where'' she was angry she looked at me with raised eyebrows and raised her hand ''Amaraaaaaaaa'' she screamed but before her hand made contact me and payo ran off laughing ''dear pluno you must aim better'' I shouted before I dissapeared into my room.I looked at myself in the mirror, father said I looked like her, my mother, she died before I was 2 and I cannot remember her,

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