Kidnapped By One Direction

After Kira is kidnapped by one direction after a concert she was dragged to by her sister Amy, she plans to escape but as she starts to fall in love with one of her kidnappers, will she manage to escape or will there be a change in the game plan?


2. Niall

Niall's P.O.V


I walked out of her room and locked the door. They others were laughing but i can't help but feel sorry for her. She doesn't even know why shes here. I walked into the lounge and sat on the sofa. Harry joined me and turned on the t.v, i was thinking to myself oblivious to the things around me, Should I go talk to her? Maybe comfort her a bit? Even if it's just the slightest bit of reassuring. I was brought out of my thinking stage by ' the Simpsons ' theme tune and a hand being waved in-front of my face. 

" Oh, he is alive and not brain washed then" mocked Liam. 

" quit it Liam, you knew i was thinking, its what i always do when i'm not sure about something" I replied.

" What were you thinking about, mate?" asked Zayn sitting to the others side of me.

" I was thinking, about whether i should talk to Kira, i mean come on guys, shes so upset she doesn't even know why she's here! If i was in her position i would be terrified, being kept and not knowing why." I sighed standing up from being wedged between Harry and Zayn.

Louis looked confused at me. " why are you even worrying about her? it's not as if you like her or anything" Harry looked at me as i swallowed.

" of course i dont! " i snapped going primrose. " why is she here anyways? "

Harry stood up and came in-front of my face, i swallowed hard again. " shes here, because i know she cant stand One Direction, it was obvious  when we took her, that's why we brought her here, so we can get her to love us like the rest! " 

I squinted and wiped some of his spit that had flew out of his mouth off my face. I groaned Harry thinks hes so love-able but he needs to understand that not everyone will love him, like he always wants them to, he can't have things his way all of the time. He cant change what people think, its their choice, we cant please everyone in the entire world. 

I sighed and walked down the hallway to Kira's room she was being held in, i rested my ear against the door and listened in, I heard crying. I felt terrible, She has human rights as much as the next person and shes being locked in an old spare room covered in dust and a moldy ceiling. I knocked on the door and unlocked it, I took a deep breathe as i opened it and peered round.


She was sitting against the wall, he mascara smudged all the way around her eyes and down her cheeks like panda eyes. She did look a bit funny, but i still felt terrible. She looked up at me and started shaking with fear. " wh...what do you want with me?" she asked sniffing.

I walked over to her and she stood up flat against the wall. I went up to her face to face ad she closed her eyes as i lifted my hand up to her face. She was that scared, she began to relax as i wiped some of the mascara off her cheeks.

She asked me the same question as she walked over and sat on the bed.

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