Young Love

Alex Jillian Monrue was just another tom boy, she loved skate boarding, and most boys clothes AKA jeans, and shirts, and hats. She never expected to run into her old mate Liam Payne, who was now in One Direction. Alex used to love him, as a 15 year old girl. Now at 19, she doesn`t, she has no boyfriend, and no family, but that`s never been new, Alex didn`t have family from the age of 13, so she had turned to Liam, who was her best friend. Will the old feelings become there again? Will Liam like her too? What will happen when Harry has dated her before? And What will happen when Harry is still in love with her and wants her back and goes crazy in the process? Read Young Love to find out!


1. Prologue

"Liam!" I cried, my ambre hair all around my face as I ran to his house. I got there and saw Liam on the front lawn, I ran up to him and sat in front of him, crying. 
"Alex? Alex, what`s wrong? "Liam hugged me. I cried into his chest, feeling a spark, but I chose to ignore it. I couldn`t just feel something right now. 
"M-my paren-nts, Joey, K-kellie. They -they... "I couldn`t finish off my sentence. 
"They are dead" I finally said. 
"Oh Alex! It`ll be alright. Just calm down ok? "he said, I put my face in the crook of my best friends neck.
"Liam, you don`t know that! I have no family. Remember? The only person I have left is you!" I cried. His grip tightened on me and my shirt became a bit wet, as though Liam was crying. But he never cries.
"I promise I won`t leave you!" He said.

"Liam. You promised you wouldn`t leave me! You promised!" I stated, watching him pack up his stuff, so he could leave for X Factor 2010. 
"Alex I know that. But this is important to me, almost as important to me as you. Please, understand. You know this is my dream!" He said. I smiled, I did know. 
"Fine, but one thing. I have to tell you this. "He looked at me, "I love you, Liam. More than my best friend"  I stated. Liam smiled and kissed me. He actually kissed me. Then I felt him start to tickle me. I laughed. "Liam! LIAM! You need to pack!"I reminded him. 
"I know! Help me, Allie" He pleaded. I agreed and threw the last piece at him, and laughed. He threw it back, making me fold it and put it away for him. 
"Butt hole! " I said. He smiled.
"I know, I am" I looked up at him, sadly.
"Don`t forget me, ok? I`ll be voting for you" I said.
"I`ll never forget me best friend."He said, making me smile. 
"Bye Liam" I said and hugged him. 
"Bye for now Alex" He hugged me back and we sat there for what seemed like forever but was only a minute. 
"Come on Liam! We have to go!" His mom yelled.
We left, both of us in a different direction. He went One Direction. Where as I went no where....

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