I Dont Know Why

this is a poem


1. I Don't Know Why

I don't know why but I was breaking down

I needed a little space

Please, I told him, leave me alone

Just get out of my face!


He should of been hurt

Pain should of filled his eyes

He should of said no words and turned

So we couldn't exchange goodbyes


But he just stood there stubbornly

He smiled and shook his head

Why isn't he leaving?!, I thought

"You need me," he warmly said.


I turned away in anger

Maybe to test his care

But he pulled me closer

And ran his fingers through my hair


Just then it started to drizzle

How cliché the scene

From a lovey-dovey romance movie

That was watched by a typical teen


He smiled and I couldn't help it

I could feel the grin creep

I stared into his bright blue eyes

That were so endlessly deep


We just stood there in the rain

A hopelessly imperfect pair

I was grateful for his presence

I was grateful for his care


I don't know why he loves me

I'm not particularly pretty

I wondered if it was because I was smart

Or plainly out of pity


I don't know why we did what we did

Just standing there together

Holding each others hands

In such awful weather


All I know is that we were together

And we remain the same

He's long gone now

I wince when someone mentions his name


We were married forty years

And ten years ago he passed

But he forever changed my life

And my love for him will last


















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