The Troubled Girl

This story is about a girl called Taylor Watson.She used to have the perfect life.A loving family,good friends,everything she needed.But in a matter of months that all changed and Taylors life has changed completely,for the worse!


1. Dream? More like nightmare.

Ok, so this is my first story so please go easy on me! i'll try and update as much as i can if people actually read this story :p lol ok thats all ill start now! :) enjoy!

Taylor Watson used to have a normal life,she used to have friends,a loving family.

All that changed in a matter of months.........



     Taylors POV

MOM!" I screamed as my mothers figure started to fade away. "please don't leave me again! I have  nothing  to live for without you! I need you mom!" i whispered the last part as i was left,

all alone in what seemed to be a completely white world. As I stood up a figure came towards me, I realised it was my abusive father,a sharp knife in his hand,a sadistic smile on his face.

I screamed trying to get away from the demon I had to call my father. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, I was trapped in what felt so real it couldn't be a dream.All of a sudden the figure of my father dissappeared,

I was now in a dark woods at night, completely lost and scared in nothing but a ripped white dress. A few figures came towards me, I realised it as soon as they were about 5 metres away. It was my bullies, 

the ones that physically and verbally bully me whenever they get the chance to. There were two girls and three boys in this ''gang'' . They thought they were better than everyone else. The schools sluts Jennifer and Lauren

then there were the three cocky boys, Sam, Ryan and Jack. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me trying to get away from the devils that torture me 24/7. Suddenly i tripped over a rock and couldn't get up.

They all came towards me with those cocky smirks that are oh-so familiar.They all had a knife in each of their hands, coming towards me....... BEEP.BEEP.BEEP. I almost jumped out of bed in fright.

That dream..... it seemed so real.WOW. I hope that isnt a sign! oh no! I'm gonna be late for school if i don't hurry up. I jumped out of bed, throwing on a pair of ripped jeans and a big wooly jumper.

I didn't bother wearing make-up because it wouldn't matter anyways no-one even cares about me so why bother? I threw on my old,worn-out pair of red converse and ran downstairs.

I grabbed an apple and ate it quickly, made my abusive dad some breakfast and ran out the door quickly,making sure to be silent closing the door. I didn't need to get an even harder beating of my dad today.

Hopefully today will be a less harsher beating from dad.... 


A/N hope you guys liked it! you probably didn't cause im not exactly ..... good at writing bu oh well!!

comment if you want me to update it and if you think of a better title cause thats a really bad one :p thanks for reading! 

Love anonwriter127 xo

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