Next generation HP Headcannons!

Next generation HP headconnons! If you have ideas let me now! Do you ship Scrose? Which haircolour has Fred II? Read too find out what I thinks happens with Harry's, Ron's, Luna's, George and all the other HP characters kids!


1. Scrose: First meeting

"Gryffindoor!" shouted the hat. Rose ran to the Gryffindoor table, with big bouncing steps! She was so happy right now! After Rose came a pale blond boy. The hat used a lot of time, but finally it shouted: Gryffindoor! The boy looked a little confused, but then walked down, and took a seat next to Rose. "Hi, i am Rose Weasley!" said Rose. "I am Scorpius Malfoy!" Malfoy. Rose have heard that name been mentioned many times before at the dinnertable home. And it wasn't good things there were been said. "Is your dad Draco Malfoy" asked Rose, Scorpius. "Yes" said Scorpius and blushed. Rose felt bad for him. It didn't matter who his dad was! So, "Alright!" she just answerd. She smiled to him and felt butterflies in her stomach. Scorpius blushed agian. 

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