Someone Like You

Marlie. That's her name! She's pretty, gorgeous, nice, thoughtful, always thinking of others, kind-hearted, sweet, adorable and she's just full of spirit! She loves to dance! And of course- she's a fan of One Direction! She's madly in love with Louis! Like any ordinary kid, she goes to school. Which she doesn't like very much, but she tries! She's in Heritage High School. She has lots of friends who are always there to support her! And a great family too! It all goes down when her dad (Joe) finally buys her an IPhone 4S. She starts texting her friends 24/7, always on Instagram, Twitter. But of course, she gets a random text. She knows she's not supposed to talk to strangers, but how bad can this be? She talks with this mysterious person almost all day. all she knows is that this person is a guy. she thinks she might be falling for him! Oh, how wring she was to trust him! Read this book to find out what happens!!


1. School Day

*Clock turns 7:30 and it starts beeping* "Beep beep beep beep beep, Your insecure don't know what for. Your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or!" "Oh! Gosh! I'm almost late for school! Ugh!" I groan. "Honey! Marlie! Are you awake?" My mom yells from the kitchen. "Yeah! Mom! I'm awake!" I shout. "Oh! Well hurry up and get dressed! I made breakfast! And you don't want your pancakes to be cold!" "Mmmmm! Pancakes!" I can almost taste them already! I quickly throw on a One Direction shirt, some shorts , I brush my hair , put on my socks and shoes, put my homework in my backpack, and I'm off to my pancakes! "Mm! Mom, are these blueberry?" I ask. "Yup! Just how you like em'!" "Thanks! But I gotta go now! Bye!" I run upstairs to get my Phone, backpack , and brush me teeth real quick and I run out the door. "Bye Mom! Love you!" "Bye sweetie ! Have a nice day!" She replies. I'm walking down the sidewalk to my friends house, Ruth. I knock twice, and her mom opens up the door. "Oh hey Marlie! Are you here to get Ruth?" She asks. "Yup!" I say smiling. "We'll Shes gonna take a couple minuets. Come on right in! Make yourself comfortable!" "Oh Mrs.Cartagena I would love to! But were almost late!" Just as I say it, Ruth comes running down the stairs. "Oh my gwad! We're almost late! Lets go!" She says grabbing my arm and rushing us both out. "Bye mom!" She yells. We speed walk (or run I guess!) to the bus stop. We got there just in time! We get on the bus and take a seat across from Delilah, Ella & Anahi. "Whoa! Looks like some people got up late!" Delilah says jokingly. "Oh yeah! We kinda did..see we had a sleep over on Sunday!" I said. "And we kinda did an all-nighter" "Haha! Not a very good idea but it sounds like fun!" Ella says. "Fun? Fun? It was Faba-Louis!" Ruth says, exaggerating the "Louis" part. We pretty much talked about One Direction after that, and as Directioners, we Fangirl ALOT! And our reading scores improved a whole chunk! Guess why? Fan-Fictions! That's why! Haha! Were popular, but we aren't like snotty popular! That's so not how we roll! But, in High School, there isn't a group where there ARENT ANY snotty girls. And let me tell you, they are snottier than snot! And they are way popular! But me and my gang aren't looking for fame or attention! We are who we are! 

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