Diary of a Sim

I'm a Sim. A simulated person in the game the Sims. Many people say we are not responsible for our actions but I'm really not. I'm under your complete control, I'll do anything you wouldn't dare do in real life. And this is my story. A life without control. A life without consequences.


1. Your wish is my command.

If the way you behave, your characteristics, are dependant on your genetics and your environment then are you really responsible for your own actions? If there is an almighty god controlling everything, controlling is what happens really our fault? I am a Sim. A simulated person. You can lead a different life with me, a life you could never have in real life. I am not responsible for my own actions. I am at your complete control. Your wish is my command.

I do not have genes, or DNA, I have a code, a program. I wear what you want me to wear, as slutty and as weird as you like. I am called what you want me to be called, I have no say in what I do, I only live the consequences. What consequences? There are no consequences to you, this is a game. But I live the consequences. This is my story.

I am fishing. Again. Why is it that this is the only way I can earn money? Oh yeah, you got me fired from the labs by letting all the animals escape, you got me fired from the restaurant by never showing up. So I fish. And I sell the fish wherever I can to scrape enough money to buy some food. All you see is a pleasant fishing game. All you see is the money flowing into your account. You don't see the stink of fish I constantly have to carry around with me or the filthy looks of the people in the village for killing all the fish in the pond.

As it starts to get dark I wander over to Berty's house. I walk in, his wife's not home. I walk up to him and start to "sexy dance". I am your inner most desires and you're intrigued by the thought or just walking up to someone and "sexy dancing". You don't see the shocked, almost mocking look I get from Berty or the glint in his eye as he knows what will come next. I start on my first chat up line and then start snogging Berty, just like what you wanted me to. He's not a great kisser. Mechanical, same duration no passion every time. Luckily his wife enters and I am instantly stood outside the house again. I have been chucked out. You love this, the drama, the lack of consequences of getting with a married man-without splitting up a happy family.

I wonder what has happened to you in your real life to make you love this so much, the drama, the fights, wanting to split up families. But my thoughts are interrupted as I walk back into the house and slap Berty's wife. She's actually really nice, I hate doing this. We go in for a full on fight and I am instantly stood back outside the house. My feet start walking back to central town and I can't even apologise for the damage I've caused.

I need the loo. I walk into the nearest house. Lucy's house. I quickly use her loo and then walk into her room. Another one of my many relationships. I think you're trying to get me to marry Lucy, it won't be too long now. I'm not even attracted to women but I guess I'm not really attracted to anyone. I'm a program I don't contain feelings. Well, I do have one feeling. A feeling for Ben. He lives on the other side of town, near the garage. He works in the garage where I first worked and he's muscly from working on the cars. Well, he would be if he didn't follow the generic pattern of all the Sims. Liking Ben is the only feeling I've ever experienced. Or at least, the only bug in my program. But you won't start a relationship with him, your expectations are too high. You either ignore him or wind him up.

I climb into Lucy's bed and you finally let me sleep. Sweet dreams. Well, no dreams.

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