A Life time of Love- Lost

Best friends Liam and Caitlin were planning to have a holiday together in sunny Cornwall with Caitlins cousin Zayn, but does everything always end up so summer perfect?
Caitlins life was unexciting and there was something missing. That was until the love of her life, irish boy Niall turns up out of the blue making her heart melt. With a taxi waiting to take her back home, is two weeks enough to make their true love too good to let go?
When you feel on top of the world, where everythings perfect, how easy is it to suddenly fall and come crashing down?


1. The Arrival

Liams P.O.V

"Caitlin, Caitlin! Wake up we're here!" i glanced out the window with a huge grin. "Cornwall! It's beautiful isn't it?"  Caitlin mumbled as she arose from her deep sleep. I suspected she was dreaming about food. Its always about food. Me and Caitlin have been best friends as long as i can remember. We've been everywhere together, always have always will. Nearly all of her family know who i am: The one the, the only best friend of Caitlins: Liam! Including Zayn which was the exact reason why we were there in the beautiful county of Cornwall. Two relaxing weeks in the sun! Altough not everything went to plan...


Caitlins P.O.V

"Zayn! I've missed you!" I ran and jumped ino his arms! He lifted me up happily and spun me around.

"Caitlin! It's been ages!" Zayn replied with a grin on his face! Zayn then ushered us into the house where we had a good cup of tea and ate jammy dodgers- i love jammy dodgers.  We talked about how our lives were, it had been at least 6 months since we had last seen him. He knew Liam as well as he knew me! Liam is like a brother to me, we have been friends forever. An hour or so had passed and i was starving! Nandos for dinner we had agreed, delicious! Once we were changed for dinner, we drove to Nandos and ordered our meal. It took ages for our food to arrive and i think that was my fault because i had ordered so much! Finally i took the first bite! It felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I looked up and stared. Heaven. Well i was deffinatley there thats for sure but i was certain that who i just witnessed was no dream, he was real. A boy with baby blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and wearing a red polo shirt had just walked in looking 100% perfect.

Zayn noticed me staring and turned around. "Oh hey Niall!" Zayn called, the boy saw us and pulled a cheeky smile. As he walked over he said "Hiya Zayn!" This isrish accent came out of him making me melt.

"Everybody this is Niall, he goes to my college." Liam introduced himself whilst i was still fantasizing.

"Sorry i did'nt quite catch your name?" Niall looks at me with his stunning blue eyes.

"Caitlin." I smile.

Niall joins us and he comments on the amount of food i have. "I like a girl who can eat!" A waitor comes over and Niall asks for the same as me. We talk all evening about each other although i mostly listen because his accent was in the process of making my heart do thirty backflips a second. After the evening is over Niall laughs to me " See you around kiddo!" and with that i walked away smiling.                                                                     

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