this is a poem

Just something I made with my friend Nigel :)


1. poem

This is a poem. 
It's full of lines, 
and goes with a meter,
rhyming of words of course
and contains more than you think.

So much thought
is going into this poem
to many words
and so many emotions
that it's almost hard
for the poet
to capture it in a few words. 

This poem has a deep meaning
that you will feel is just out of your grip
and it shall be misheard and misread in its time.

For now though,
this is just a poem
that is full of rhythm 
and words too big to pronounce.

This is a poem, 
full of words
and rhyme
and meter
and emotions
and love
and hope
and fear. 

This poem is just words on a paper
that are meant to make you think. 

Can you feel the love,
or the hate, or even the fear,
in this poem?

This is a poem,
with a simple repeating line
that is just meant 
to make you think.  
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