1D personal imagines

Comment or e-mail prettyprincess.ds@gmail.com your name or a name you enjoy, who you want to date in it, and if you want it to be a long or short and write why you like one direction.


2. ophelia and Liam

Liam always had feelings for Ophelia but the only people that knew where the boys. One day when Ophelia came to watch a movie with the boys and Eleanor, Louis yelled when Ophelia came "oohhh.... Liam look Ophelia came why don't you sit next to her for the movie!" They were going to watch 'The Grudge' which is a super scary movie. In the middle of the movie when it came to a scary scene Ophelia hugged liam and his her head in his chest. "Shhh.... Its okay I won't let anyone hurt you ever" liam whispered. That made Ophelia smile and blush. After the movie when everyone left it was only Ophelia and Liam in the house. "You were really scared weren't you?" Liam asked her. "Maybe" she said. "No you were because you almost broke my hand with how hard you were holding it." That made Ophelia blush. "You know you look really cute when you blush." Liam told her. "No I don't" she said. "Yes you do. When you get married that guy who is your husband will be the luckiest man alive." Liam said. Turns out a couple of years later liam was the luckiest man alive.:-)  


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