Katerina has died a awful and disturbing death however she is stuck to earth and cant move on. She must journey to find the light to be taken to peace where she can really Rest In Peace. On the way she meets someone with a beating heart, a life ahead of him.


1. In the beginning

I stared at my mother and said" I'm not scared. I'll leave. You can kiss your pride and joy goodbye." She was burning up. Her eyebrow created a V shape and her big fat gob opened wide like a snake digesting a animal. " GO ON THEN! I don't care what you do. You'll never be my pride and joy. I regret every part of..... YOU!" Her voice was strong and sturdy and as painful as the impact of her sudden shove. I just stared at her bewildered. My mother was unusually aggressive but that was the vodka getting to her head. The clear empty bottle behind her was dry; full half an our ago. I think she caught my eye because she spins round and picks it up. "Mum no don't!" I whispered. She frowned at me and then smiled. Her wicked eyes catching the look of worry on my face. "Oh Katerina don't worry I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to hurt the baby." Her voice was calm and quite but the silence was broke as she smashed the bottle on the wall. She walked over. " If you don't go your going to cost your brothers life!" Before I could speak I was already running. The house seemed to swirl as I passed every memory. I reached the door and stopped. Pressed my forehead onto the door and whispered 'goodbye daddy'. And opened the door but before I left I my mark as I punched the door.

A warm liquid was running down my hand dripping onto the floor. It was brown in the moonlight, creating bold vein like patterns. The pain was excruciating but I carried on walking. Every sound around me was blurred but I clearly here someone calling my name. "Katerina..." It wasn't familiar. I felt hunched over and cold. So cold. "It hurts. Its hurts."

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