Dragon Song

Silas rules in the kingdom of Gretchenbard, his rule has brought nothing but misery to his people. Nobody sings anymore- nobody dares to. Beacause the knights of the shadows patrol the streets. Even the birds stopped singing. Gretchenbard needs a hero, and that hero has to break the silence......


1. Prolouge

The king looked up at the heavens, watching the bat-like shapes darting inbetween the stars. He smiled, the knights of the shadows came in very handy. He focused his attention on the kingdom that lay before him, the kingdom of Gretchenbard was not at all small. It covered vast amounts of land and it had never had a failed harvest. Until now, the king knew what was destroying the crops. He knew many little secrets that gave him power.


Somebody coughed behind him and the king spun round, a knight stood there, clad in black leather and his sword hund down at his side. The king furrowed his brow before turning his attention back to the heavens.


"What is it Dracon?" sighed the king, he hoped it was worth his time.

"There have been no sightings of any camps your majesty, no camps with large dragons anyway. We killed all the juveniles that we could find." Dracon replied, bowing low to the king.

"You have done well to serve me Dracon, return to your patrols."


The knight bowed and jumped over the edge of the balcony, landing on a dark shape that stirred beneath. The king smiled coldly, with all the rebel dragons dead, nothing would stop him from bring king.....

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