Another World: Forever Young

Another World: Forever Young is the last series. In Another World: Forever Young, Louis is transformed into a vampire and reunites with his friends 18 months later. Read on and see how Kim and Louis's relationship ends.


1. 1.1

Dave: You boys should get to school. 

Zayn: Not without Louis. 

Dave: He's gonna be a harm to you guys when he wakes up. 

Liam: We don't care, that's our friend. 

Dave: Really, you guys don't want to be here when he wakes up, he'll attack you guys without any hesitations. 

Niall: We're not going anywhere; we gotta make sure he wakes up. 

Dave: It's gonna be a little longer, it didn't take Kim until three days later. 

Kim: Please, I don't want him to hurt you guys. 

Dave: Please. 

Harry: Fine, we'll go, but please let us know when he wakes up. 

Dave: We will. 

Kim: Dad is he gonna wake up? 

Dave: He should be it's only been two days. 

Kim: I hope he wakes up tonight or tomorrow morning.  

Dave: I still remember when you first woke up. 

Kim: *chuckles* Really? 

Dave: You woke up and saw your mother and went straight to her and hugged her.  

Kim: *chuckles* I was surprise mom didn't age when I saw her, so I knew it was her. 

Dave: Yes, she's still twenty eight, young and beautiful. 

Kim: *smiles* I'm glad you and mom are still together after all these years. 

Dave: It's been twenty years honey. We thought eight was long, but no, we were wrong. 

Kim: Eight? That's when you guys left the world. 

Dave: And now fourteen years later, we are all reunited. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *smiles* I'm glad I have found you guys. 

Dave: I'm gonna go check on your mother, stay with Louis. *leaves* 

Kim: *looks at Louis* Well, you're still kind of warm, but I can also feel the icy old coming through. *smiles* Do you know how handsome you look while sleeping? *chuckles and touches Louis* Oh, you're warmth is gone? Dad! 

Dave: *runs into the room* What? 

Kim: He doesn't feel warm anymore, I just felt him and he was, but not he's isn't. 

Dave: *check* He doesn't have a pulse anymore; he should be up very soon then. Stay with him. 

Kim: Dad. 

Dave: It'll be ok. 

Kim: Are you sure? 

Dave: We're you a harm when you saw us? 

Kim: No, but why did you tell his friends he was gonna harm them? 

Dave: Because he'll be in a room full of flesh blood and that's what we all aim for, haven't you learned anything. 

Kim: Yes, ok. I'll be brave. 

Dave: *leaves the room* 

Louis: *opens his eyes and looks around and sees lights* 

Kim: *smiles at Louis* Hey. 

Louis: *sits up and sees kim* Babe? 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: *get out of bed and hugs kim* 

Kim: *groans*  

Louis: *smiles happy* 

Kim: I'm glad the morphine went through with you Louis, but right now you're a lot stronger than I am, you're killing me.  

Louis: *releases kim* I'm sorry. *chuckles* Wow, am I really dead now? 

Kim: A vampire, yes. 

Louis: *smiles big* Thank you. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *groans again* Ok. 

Louis: Let's go see our friends. 

Kim: Louis. 

Louis: Yeah? 

Kim: It's not that easy. 

Louis: What do you mean? 

Kim: Do you not really remember? I don't think you wanted to be dead, you were begging to live. 

Louis: *serious* Really, I was. 

Kim: Yeah, I couldn't resist losing you so I had my dad change you at the last minute. Did you feel any pain? 

Louis: Oh yeah, I remember now yes. 

Kim: *hugs Louis* I'm so glad I didn't lose you. 

Louis: *hugs kim* 

Kim: Ouch. 

Louis: *releases kim* Yeah, sorry about that, but let's go greet our friends. 

Kim: You need to hunt or else you'll really die. 

Louis: Hunt? I don't... 

Kim: That's the only way you'll survive. 

Louis: Really? 

Kim: Come with me. 

Louis: I'll race you. *runs off* 

Kim: *runs after Louis* Wait! You don't even know what you're doing! 

Louis: *stops* 

Kim: *runs in front of Louis* You can't, stop. 

Louis: Wow, this is a good speed power. *chuckles* 

Kim: Please don't use that anywhere else, but here. Look, you need to listen to me. Focus please. 

Louis: Ok, what am I supposed to do? 

Kim: *takes a breath* Wow, training a newborn is harder than it actually looked. How did my parents train me? 

Louis: How long did they train you? 

Kim: A year and a half, almost two. That's when I met you guys. 

Louis: Wow, ok train me now. 

Kim: Excuse me? Don't rush me, I'm learning here.  

Louis: *chuckles* I don't want to die right here. 

Kim: Ok, this is what my father taught me. Close your eyes. 

Louis: *closes his eyes* 

Kim: What do you hear? 

Louis: Footsteps. 

Kim: *curious* Footsteps? 

Louis: *runs* 

Kim: Louis! No! *runs after Louis* 

Louis: *runs faster* 

Kim: *jumps and attacks Louis* 

Louis: *slides across the ground* 

Elizabeth: Oh, I didn't know you guys were out here. *smiles* Louis you're up. 

Louis: Sorry Mrs. Austin, I thought you were a meal. 

Elizabeth: No Louis, we don't attack humans, we attack animals. Let me show you. Close your eyes. 

Louis: *closes his eyes and hears an animal and runs for it* 

Kim: Wait! *runs after Louis* Wow, you are a trouble maker! If I knew I should have left you dead. 

Louis: *smiles/runs and attacks the animal* 

Kim: Oh god. *looks away* 

Dave: So, hunting I heard? 

Louis: Yes, it was lots of fun wasn't it Kim. 

Kim: Yeah, you're a handful. 

Louis: *laughs* 

Dave: You're not allowed to leave the house until you are fully trained. 

Louis: Fully trained? 

Dave: Yes, we don't want you to be killing people in the cities. 

Louis: I won't, I know how Kim is, and I won't do it. 

Dave: Everyone is different Louis. 

Louis: Oh, I'm sorry then, please continue. 

Dave: It'll be a while until you see your friends and family, I already told them you were rushed to another hospital out of the state. You should be well trained by then. 

Louis: Alright. 

(18 months later) 

Liam: Louis! 

Louis: Whoa, I would keep my distance just for now. 

Zayn: Louis, where you been? 

Louis: Training not to attack you guys. 

Niall: We missed you mate. 

Louis: Awh, I missed you too Niall. *smiles* 

Harry: We really did, but we're glad you are back. 

Louis: I'm glad I'm back too mates. *smiles* Kim did a good job raising me. 

Kim: It was hard, but he pulled through well and he graduate, so that's all that matters. *smiles* 

Louis: *smiles* 

Liam: How does it feel? 

Louis: You know I love it; my speed is quicker than ever. 

Kim: Yeah, now remember you can't use them in public. 

Louis: Yes, I heard your father. 

Niall: But you used it when Louis got... shot. 

Kim: I couldn't resist him being hurt, but I was still too late. 

Zayn: So, are you gonna tell us about those crazy things?  

Kim: I guess I'll just tell you guys now. 

Liam: Please, so we know. 

Kim: I have powers, I can hear people's thoughts, so be careful, and I can heal people, but lately it's not working so I don't think it's my power anymore. Louis, his power is awesome. 

Harry: What is it Louis? 

Louis: I'll let Kim tell you guys. *smiles* 

Kim: I mean, it's not all that because my mom has it too, but his power is controlling people's mind. *smiles*  

Perrie: That's so cool; can you try it on one of us? 

Kim: No! Never! 

Danielle: Why? 

Kim: Control, by that I meant, hurting them. Making them have to tell the truth or punishing them. 

Perrie: Nevermind. 

Danielle: Yeah, nevermind that. *laughs* 

Louis: *chuckles* Yeah. 

Kim: *looks at Louis* 

Louis: *smiles* What? 

Kim: Don't you have something to say? 

Louis: Huh? *blushes* 

Kim: *looks at her hand* 

Louis: Oh! *laughs and blushes*  

Zayn: What's so funny? 

Louis: Guys, Kim and I are getting married. 

Danielle: What? Really, well congrats, when's the wedding? 

Louis: Tonight. 

Perrie: Tonight? We don't even have anything to wear? 

Louis: Just show up in your best dressed formal outfit. 

Niall: Where is it gonna be at? 

Kim: Oh, it's at my place. Since it's big and all you know. *fakes a chuckle* 

Liam: Alright, we'll be there. 

Harry: What time? 

Louis: *looks at kim* Nine? 

Kim: Starts at nine, but be there at eight. *smiles* 

Zayn: We'll be there. 

Kim: Thanks Zayn. Well, we'll see you guys tonight. Bye. *walks off with Louis* 

Louis: I can't believe we're getting married. 

Kim: I can't neither; you don't know how excited I am babe. 

Louis: I'm more excited than excited. 

Johanna: I'm here. 

Louis: My mom? *walks out the room* Mom! 

Johanna: Louis! *hugs Louis* Why are you so cold son? You should be wearing a jacket! 

Louis: *fakes a laughs* Yeah, I should, but I don't want to be drained before my wedding. *smiles* 

Johanna: You are very handsome son, and tonight you are going to look even better. 

Louis: *smiles* Awh, thanks mom. 

Johanna: C'mon, let's get you ready. 

Perrie: Wow, you look beautiful Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Really, thanks. 

Danielle: I'm so jealous of you. 

Perrie: Jealous? 

Danielle: Oh, no, I meant for you getting married, not because you're marrying Louis, eww no. *chuckles* I love Liam. 

Kim: I know what you mean. 

Danielle: Yeah, forgot, you can hear thoughts. 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, but can you guys not say it too loud. Not everyone here knows my family and fiancé are dead. 

Danielle: Right. 

Perrie: All safe with us. *smiles* I'm so excited! It was out of the blue too. 

Danielle: I know! I'm so happy, I think I'm gonna cry. 

Kim: Please don't, then I'll cry too. *chuckles* 

Danielle: *wipes her tears* I won't, I won't.  

Perrie: Time is almost starting, we'll be outside sitting. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Dave: Well, Louis's out there, your friends are out there, your brother and mother's out there, and your mother in law. *smiles* Are you ready princess? 

Kim: Awh, you called me princess. You haven't called me that since I was five. 

Dave: *smiles sad* 

Kim: *smiles sad* 

Dave: Let's do this. 

Kim: *grabs dave's arm* 

Louis: *sees kim* Wow. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Dave: I love you princess. 

Kim: I love you too dad. 

Louis: *takes kim's hand* 

Kim: *smiles big with tears* 

Louis: *smiles big* 

Father: We are here gathered by Kim Austin and Louis Tomlinson for their wedding ceremony, if you all can be seated and quiet, we can start. Please repeat after me. 

Louis: *repeats* 

Kim: *repeats* 

Father: Is there anyone here who objects this wedding? *looks around* No? Ok then. I now announce you two as wife and husband. You may now kiss. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: *smiles and pulls kim close to him and kisses her* 

Kim: *kisses Louis back* 

Zayn: Congrats mate, Perrie and I are excited for you two. *smiles* 

Perrie: Yes, we are, congrats. *smiles* 

Louis: Thank you. 

Kim: Yeah, thank you. 

Niall: Congrats Kim, I'm surprised you didn't marry any of the guys you said you were. *laughs* 

Kim: Niall, I am married now. *fakes a laugh* 

Niall: I'm just kidding, but congrats friend. 

Kim: Awh, thank you Niall. *hugs niall* 

Harry: I can't believe you're married. 

Louis: Yeah, I know me too. 

Harry: To the girl I love. *smiles big* 

Louis: Get over it, I love her more. 

Harry: Yeah, that's why you two tied the knots tonight. Congrats mate. 

Louis: Awh, thank you Harry. 

Liam: Hey guys, congrats on getting married. 

Danielle: I hope you two last forever. 

Louis: Oh we will. *looks at kim* Since, we're not aging at all. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* We have no choice, we're not getting any younger, or older, we're gonna stay like this forever. 

Louis: Forever young. *smiles* 

Liam: Well again, congrats from Danielle and I. 

Danielle: Yes, congrats. 

Kim: Thank you guys so much, you don't know how much it means to us. 

Louis: Yes, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 

Liam: Louis, you don't even have a heart. 

Louis: *laughs* That's half true, I do, but it's not working. 

Danielle: *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* Good come back babe. 

Louis: I'm still me, just the dead version. 

Danielle: Dead version. *laughs* Funny one. 

Kim: Alright, we'll thanks for coming, we really appreciate it much. 

Danielle: No problem, come visit us at school sometimes too ok. 

Louis: We will, we are not leaving that school, ever! *smiles big* 

Kim: Yeah, ever. *smiles* 

Liam: Alright, well you guys take care. 

Louis: Thank you, you too. 

Liam: *leaves with Danielle* 

Louis: *looks at kim and smiles big* 

Kim: What? 

Louis: Nothing, you're just really beautiful. 

Kim: Awh, thanks, and you're really handsome babe. 

Louis: *smiles and hugs kim* 

Kim: *kisses Louis* 

Louis: Well, here's to forever. *smiles* 

Kim: Just like you wanted right? *smiles* 

Louis: To be young forever.  

Kim: *chuckles* Exactly, forever young. 

Louis: *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles back* 

Louis: *smiles and kisses kim*

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