Another World: Kiss You

Another World: Kiss You is the third series of Another World: Summer Love & Another World Still The One. In Another World: Kiss You, Louis discovers that Kim is a vampire and is dying to be a vampire too. He does these crazy things and stuff just to be one. When he finally gets what he wants, Kim decides to heal him and he pretty much does get upset with it. Read on and see how Harry, Louis, and Kim's relationship reunites and distances from eachother.


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Kim: Where are you taking me Louis? 

Louis: Somewhere where no one can see you. 

Kim: What? 

Louis: Get out the car. 

Kim: Pardon me? 

Louis: Get out of the car! 

Kim: *gets out of the car* 

Louis: Tell me what you really are Kim. 

Kim: I'm sorry, what's gotten into you Louis? 

Louis: I'm not dumb Kim. You know exactly what I saw, explain it all. 

Kim: Saw what? What did you see? 

Louis: Your eyes. They, they changed colors. 

Kim: What about my eyes? What are you trying to prove Louis! 

Louis: You're already dead Kim. 

Kim: *chuckles* What? Excuse me? 

Louis: You're cold as ice Kim, only dead people are that cold. I'm not crazy, I saw you run through the woods that one day so I followed you. Your speed when you ran towards Danielle wasn't a normal one. Your eyes changed into red when you heard the word... 

Kim: Lies! I had to leave that's why. 

Louis: Is that why when I saw you your eyes were back to normal. Your medication isn't medication; it's a plasma blood drink. Yes, it does keep you alive when you're at thirst.  

Kim: It's my medication, why would I... 

Louis: No medication drinks are that thick. It's as think as blood Kim. 

Kim: Excuse me? 

Louis: I know what you are already, I did my research. 

Kim: *serious/upset* Oh, so there was no history then huh. 

Louis: You are my history research. 

Kim: Ok, then say it then Louis, what am I? 

Louis: I'm not sure if my research is correct, but you were reborn as a vampire. 

Kim: *silent* 

Louis: Dr. Austin knew you were dead, but changed you after he figured out that you were his biological daughter. 

Kim: How do you know about that! 

Louis: Don't get angry with me, you know I'm telling the truth. You went to camp that one day to reunite Zac and your family didn't you? 

Kim: How did you know! 

Louis: Who wouldn't know about someone they're in love with. 

Kim: In love? 

Louis: Kim, I broked up with Eleanor to be with you. You can't leave me or else I'll kill myself right now. *pulls out a blade* 

Kim: Are you crazy! 

Dave: *runs out to the woods* Kim! 

Kim: Dad stop him! 

Dave: Louis, you don't want to do that. 

Louis: Change me then. 

Dave: What? 

Louis: Change me. 

Zac: What's going on? Louis? I haven't seen you in so long, how are you? 

Kim: Give me that blade right now Louis! 

Louis: Tell me you love me first. 

Kim: How when I don't even love you! You know I love Harry. 

Louis: Harry? *fakes a chuckle* You love Harry?  

Kim: Just, please give me that blade. *walks to Louis and tries to grab it* 

Louis: No! It's mine Kim! 

Kim: *fighting with Louis*  

Louis: *tries to push kim away and falls with the blade stabbing him* 

Kim: *gasp* 

Louis: *groans in pain* 

Kim: *about to attack louis* 

Dave: *runs and pushes kim away* 

Kim: *gets back up and tries to attack Louis again* 

Dave: *pushes kim again* 

Kim: *flies across the forest* 

Dave: Zac! Stop your sister from attacking him, I'm gonna bring him to the operation room! *carries Louis and runs off* 

Zac: *stops kim* Kim! Come back to your sense. 

Kim: *tries to break free* 

Zac: *screams in pain* 

Kim: *gasp* Zac! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. *runs off* 

Louis: *in pain* pl, plea, please turn me now. 

Dave: I can't do that Louis, this is gonna hurt a little, but bear with me please. *puts pressure on Louis* 

Louis: *screams in pain* 

Kim: *scared* I'm sorry Louis, I'm so sorry; it's all my fault you're like this. 

Dave: I need you to leave the room Kim. 

Zac: Kim!  

Kim: I'm ok Zac, I'm fine now. Dad, just let me help you with Louis. 

Dave: Zac, give me a hand. 

Kim: *walks out the room upset* 

Elizabeth: What happened? Was that your brother? 

Kim: It's all my fault he got stabbed with the blade. 

Elizabeth: It's ok, your brother will be ok. 

Kim: No! It's not Zac! It's Louis! 

Elizabeth: Louis? 

Dave: He should be ok and up tomorrow, he's resting right now. 

Kim: *scared* I really didn't mean to fight with... 

Dave: Kim, you have to be careful with humans, we're a lot stronger than them, and you could have killed him. 

Kim: I'm sorry, I should have used my head, but I don't know what happened. 

Zac: You almost killed someone, how are you gonna explain to his friends tomorrow? 

Kim: I didn't do it on purpose Zac! *leaves the livingroom mad* 

Dave: Kim! 

Niall: Harry, are you ok? 

Harry: Guys, why didn't you guys do anything!? You knew I was interested in Kim, why didn't you guys stop him! 

Liam: Harry, we didn't know.  

Harry: *sad* I just lost another chance to get with her guys. 

Zayn: We're really sorry Harry. 

Harry: *cries* I had my hopes up and high for her and me and it all went downhill when Louis kissed her. 

Liam: I'm sure he... 

Harry: He only dragged her hand and took off Liam! 

Liam: Geez, I'm sorry. 

Niall: Speaking of him, he's never this late, where is he? 

Zayn: Yeah, that's true, where is he? 

Harry: With my love. 

Kim: Hey guys. 

Niall: Kim. 

Harry: *looks and sees kim* Kim. 

Kim: Look, I'm sorry about yesterday, I don't know what happened, I'm just as confused as you all are. 

Harry: Confused? Why'd you leave with him then huh! 

Kim: Please keep your temper down; I don't want to hurt you. 

Zayn: Harry, it's ok, calm down. We'll know when he gets here. 

Liam: Kim, do you happen to know where Louis is? *looks at niall and zayn* 

Kim: I don't, I'm sorry. 

Harry: *leaves mad* 

Liam: Harry?! 

Danielle: Hey. 

Liam: Hey babe. 

Danielle: *sees kim* Oh, it's her. 

Liam: Her name is Kim. 

Danielle: Yeah, whatever, look, Zayn, Perrie wants you. 

Zayn: Me? Where is she? 

Danielle: In the library, she's been calling you, but you didn't pick up your phone. 

Zayn: I'm sorry guys, I'll be back. *leaves* 

Danielle: You need to come with me too. *drags liams hand and leaves* 

Niall: So. *smiles*  

Kim: Niall, there's something you need to know. 

Niall: You're expecting me to keep it a secret? 

Kim: You said I can count on you. 

Niall: Yeah and I haven't told Harry that you liked Zayn, so what's up? 

Kim: Nevermind, I can't say it. 

Niall: You can tell me, I won't tell anyone. 

Kim: *changes the subjecct* I reunited with Zac. 

Niall: That's all? *laughs* 

Kim: What's so funny? 

Niall: You want me to keep that a secret? Sure, I can. *chuckles* 

Kim: Yeah, well I'm gonna go find Harry and make sure he's ok. *leaves* 

Niall: Bye! 

Kim: *yelling off* Bye! 

Louis: Where am I? Am I dead? 

Dave: No, you're not dead Louis, I saved your life, how are you feeling? 

Louis: *sits up and groans* I'm sore. *looks at dave* 

Dave: You can stay here for a couple of days until you heal. You can't go to school being seen like that. 

Louis: I won't tell, ever, I love your daughter and I would never want her or her family to be hurt. 

Dave: Really? Don't you have a girlfriend? 

Louis: *thinks* 

Dave: I understand, but my daughter doesn't love you she said. 

Louis: I'll make her, I promise. 

Dave: I like your attitude and spirit son, what was your name again? 

Louis: Louis, Louis Tomlinson. 

Dave: Dave Austin, Kim's foster dad. 

Louis: Wrong. 

Dave: What? 

Louis: I said you're wrong. 

Dave: *reads Louis thought* How did you? 

Louis: I did my research. *holds his wound in pain* 

Dave: How? 

Louis: You're the only Dave Austin here. *haves a hard time breathing* 

Dave: What's wrong? 

Louis: I can't breathe, I'm having a hard time. *groans* It's killing me. 

Kim: Where is he? 

Dave: In the west room. 

Kim: *opens the door and sees Louis sleeping* 

Dave: Heal him Kim, take your responsibility. 

Kim: I don't want to. 

Dave: *shocked* If he dies, what are you gonna do. 

Kim: We'll turn him. 

Dave: Are you out of your mind!? 

Kim: Maybe. 

Dave: Go heal him now! *pushes kim into the room* 

Kim: *looks back at dave* 

Dave: Now! *closes the door* 

Louis: *hears and wakes up* Kim. 

Kim: Louis?! 

Louis: *gets up and groans* 

Kim: *runs to Louis* 

Louis: *panics* 

Kim: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, but are you ok? 

Louis: I got stabbed eight inches deep; do you think I'm ok? *holds his would* 

Kim: I can heal you. 

Louis: What? That's ridiculous.  

Kim: If you want to feel better, I'm the only that can heal you. I should have stopped you instead of fighting with you, but sometimes I forget about my powers. 

Louis: What! What power are you talking about? 

Kim: My parents and I have our own powers. 

Louis: Really? 

Kim: I happened to have both healing and hearing thoughts. 

Louis: And Zac? 

Kim: He's still human like you. We won't agree to change him, there's a reason why god let him survive. We won't end his life for him, that's crazy. 

Louis: What if he grows old, do you want him to stay old forever at the end. 

Kim: I'm not gonna have this conversation with you. *leaves* 

Dave: We have to cook for that kid; it's been almost two days since he hasn't eaten. He must be starving by now. 

Elizabeth: I'll cook, but what's there to cook for him? 

Dave: Zac. 

Zac: Huh? 

Dave: Do you mind sharing your meals with him? 

Zac: Of course, but he's hurt, he should be eating smooth things, you don't want him to get worst. 

Dave: Yes, you're right, as a doctor I should know about this. 

Louis: *comes out the room* Hey everyone. 

Elizabeth: Oh hey Louis, I was just making you soup. 

Louis: Soup? Really, why would you waste your time to make me that?  

Elizabeth: I beg your pardon? 

Louis: You guys don't eat anything, but blood. 

Zac: Hey, I am human here.  

Louis: Forgot, I'm sorry. Look, why don't you tell them to change you! 

Zac: I'm sorry? 

Louis: Do you want to be a vampire at an old age when you're dead? Is that when you guys will change him!? Change while he's young still! Don't wait until he is older than you all!  

Dave: You know we can't do that. 

Louis: I know you guys don't age, so why not change him now before it's too late. 

Dave: *looks at zac then Elizabeth* Louis, do you know how painful it is to be bitten by one of us? The only easy way out of it is if you're dead.  

Louis: I can't believe you won't change your own son to save his life.  

Zac: *serious* Hey! I have a life and I'm glad that I'm still breathing! God gave me a reason to live and I'm gonna keep living until he pulls the plug on me! 

Louis: I'm assuming your sister told you that right. Well tell her *groans and grabs his wound* 

Dave: Louis!  

Louis: Don't touch me! I'm gonna be leaving now. 

Dave: You can't leave, you're still hurt. 

Louis: *walks off in pain* 

Dave: *looks at zac* 

Zac: Let me give you a ride. 

Louis: I drove here, I can leave myself. 

Zac: You can't drive with that kind of pain. I'll have my dad or dad follow behind with their car. 

Louis: No, I'm fine, really. 

Elizabeth: I'll follow behind. 

Louis: No, don't Mrs. Austin. 

Zac: Louis.  

Louis: *sighs* Fine. *gets in the car with zac* 

Zac: *drives off* 

Dave: Kim! 

Kim: Yes father? 

Dave: I thought I told you to heal Louis, what happened? 

Kim: I'm not gonna heal a person who is an enemy! Didn't you say not to!? 

Dave: He's not an enemy Kim. 

Kim: Well I see him as one. 

Dave: He's not a threat to us!  

Kim: He threatened us to change my brother! I do not accept that! 

Dave: We already had that talk, I'll think about it. 

Kim: No! There's a reason why he is alive dad! There's a reason why god didn't take him! 

Dave: Enough! 

Kim: *silent* 

Louis: Thanks for the ride. 

Zac: *gives Louis his card* If you need a friend to talk to or feel pains from your wound, call me and I'll be here. 

Louis: *takes the card* Thanks. *walks off* 

Zac: *gets in the car with Elizabeth* 

Elizabeth: *drives off* 

Johanna: What happened to you son? 

Louis: It's a long story. 

Johanna: Where have you been? 

Louis: I was at Harry's. 

Johanna: Harry's? He said you guys aren't friends anymore. 

Louis: *surprised* Really, he said that? 

Johanna: Where were you Louis? 

Louis: At Eleanor's. 

Johanna: *crosses her arms* And the truth. 

Louis: At another friend's house. 

Johanna: Name. 

Louis: Zac Austin. 

Johanna: Zac? You mean Coach Adam's Zac? 

Louis: There was no such thing as Coach Adam mom, can we not talk about it. *holds his wound while walking upstairs* 

Johanna: Are you ok? 

Louis: *cries* No. I'm in pain mom. 

Johanna: *runs and hugs Louis* Oh my, get in the car; I'll take you to the hospital.

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