Another World: Still The One

Another World: Still The One is Part 2 of Another World: Summer Love. In Still The One, Kim is alive and reborn as a vampire. She goes back to school where she reunites with Harry in class. Kim twistes the story of her dying to the group and they believe her. Read on and see how Kim's new persona almost ruins for herself.


1. 1.1

Kim: *opens her eyes* 

Elizabeth: *smiles at kim* 

Dr. Austin: *smiles big* 

Kim: *looks around the room* 

Elizabeth: *standing by the window* 

Kim: *sees Elizabeth* Mom? 

Elizabeth: *chuckles confused* What? 

Kim: *gets up and runs to Elizabeth* Whoa? What just happened? *looks at Elizabeth and then hugs her* 

Elizabeth: *confused* Oh. *chuckles and hugs kim* 

Dr. Austin: Hello Kim. 

Kim: *turns and sees dave* Dad?  

Dave: Hi Kim. 

Kim: It's really you guys! *chuckles and hugs dave* Oh my gosh! I missed you guys so much. You don't know how much I suffered everyday without you guys.  

Elizabeth: Dave, what's going on? Why is she calling us... 

Dave: Honey, I haven't told you, but Kim is our daughter. I also found our son Zac too. 

Elizabeth: *gasp* What? Where is he? 

Dave: He's still alive. He was at the hospital, I didn't know he was our son until he said I looked like his father, but then he added that his father has already been dead for twelve years. 

Elizabeth: *looks at kim* Kim? 

Kim: *smiles funny* Mom. 

Elizabeth: *runs and hugs kim* 

Kim: Where did all this speed come from? I thought I was dead. 

Elizabeth: Honey. 

Dave: After meeting Zac, I knew you were our little princess that we left behind. I had to change you right away so you can relive instead of going to heaven trying to look for us. 

Kim: Change me? 

Dave: Honey, you will no longer age or grow old anymore.  

Kim: Is that why you two haven't aged? 

Dave: *sighs* Yes honey. 

Kim: But I'm dead. Is this heaven? 

Elizabeth: Honey, you're dead still, but you are transformed into a vampire now, thanks to your father. 

Kim: Vampire? There's such a thing as that? How did you two become one? 

Dave: You see, after we died, we were shipped to this hospital, the doctor saved our life by turning us into one of him, but soon later, he was turned into dust. 

Kim: Dust!? 

Elizabeth: Yes! Honey, you have to stay away from sunlight. You may mostly be seen in the dark only. 

Kim: What if I want to go out in the day? 

Elizabeth: Be careful. 

Kim: My friends? How can I see my friends again without revealing myself to them? 

Dave: You can. 

Kim: But I'm dead dad. 

Dave: I'll tell them I thought you were dead, but it was a miracle, you woke back up just before the operation was gonna be given. 

Kim: What will my foster dad say? 

Dave: He got a promotion in another state, he won't be back anymore. 

Kim: *grabs her throat* 

Elizabeth: She's right, she needs to hunt. 

Kim: Hunt? My throat, it feels... 

Dave: Follow me. 

Kim: *follows dave* 

Dave: Close your eyes and try to focus. 

Kim: *closes her eyes and focuses* 

Dave: Do you hear that? 

Kim: *hears a deer* 

Dave: Yes, that's it. 

Maria: What do you think they're out here? 

Kim: *smells the humans* 

Dave: Kim, no. 

Garret: I don't know, why don't we look around and see. 

Kim: *wanting to run to the human* 

Dave: You have to control your thirst, you cannot attack human being.  

Kim: *runs after the human* 

Elizabeth: *runs and attacks kim*  

Kim: *tries to break free* 

Dave: *grabs kim* Control your thirst before your life will end before your eyes. 

Kim: *grabs her throat* 

Dave: There it is. 

Elizabeth: *slowly lets go of kim* 

Kim: *gets up* I'm sorry, I didn't know I can do that. 

Dave: You'll get use to it. 

Elizabeth: Come with me and try to focus on something else that's not human. 

Kim: *follows Elizabeth* 

Elizabeth: Do you hear that? 

Kim: *sees the deer and attacks it* 

(2 year later) 

Mr. Park: We're having a new student today, I'm not sure why she's not here yet, but let's see if she shows up in a bit. 

Kim: *walks into class* 

Mr. Park: Hi. 

Kim: Hi, I'm Kim Austin, I'm a new student here. 

Mr. Park: Ah, yes. Everyone, this is Kim Austin, she's a return resident from Lincolns. 

Harry: Kim Austin? *looks up and sees kim* Kim! 

Kim: *smiles* Harry.  

Harry: I, I thought *doesn't want to say it out loud* 

Kim: What? *smiles* 

Harry: Can I talk to you outside. 

Kim: *looks at mr. park* 

Mr. Park: Two minutes Harry. 

Harry: Ok. 

Kim: *walks out the classroom* 

Harry: I thought you were dead? 

Kim: I was just out on concussion; Dr. Austin thought I was dead, but... 

Harry: But what?! 

Kim: I awoken when the operation was gonna be started. 

Harry: *hugs kim* Whoa, your cold as ice. 

Kim: I, I am? *touches her cheeks* I feel fine. 

Harry: Who cares, I'm just glad you're alive.  

Mr. Park: Please have a seat in the back with Harry please; I'm sure he'll show you around. 

Harry: Yes, of course Mr. Park. *smiles* 

Kim: So what's been going on? I haven't seen you guys like in like... 

Harry: Two years. 

Kim: Yeah, wait really? Two years! 

Harry: Yeah, you haven't aged at all Kim. How'd you do that? 

Kim: *chuckles* What are you talking about? I am old. *looks away* 

Harry: How old are you now? Seventeen still? *chuckles* 

Kim: No, I would be nineteen now. 

Harry: You would be? 

Kim: I mean, I am nineteen now. Sorry meeting you again got my nerves twisted. *chuckles* 

Harry: It's ok, wait until the guys see you, they're gonna be shocked. 

Kim: Who wouldn't be? 

Harry: That's funny, Louis's calling. 

Kim: Louis! Don't tell them I'm here please. 

Harry: Ok. *picks up his phone* Hello? 

Louis: Hey, where are you? We're all waiting for you. 

Harry: I'm sorry; I'm with a friend right now. 

Louis: Friend? Who else is your friend that we don't know of? Well bring that friend too and let's meet that friend. 

Harry: Let me ask her. 

Louis: Oh, it's a her? 

Harry: *chuckles* Yeah, hold on. Do you want to meet the group? I'm gonna head over there. 

Kim: No, I have to go. 

Harry: No, she has to go. 

Kim: Perhaps another time. 

Harry: She said another time. 

Louis: Ok, we'll were waiting on you. 

Harry: Alright, I'll be there shortly. 

Kim: I'm gonna go then. I'll see you tomorrow. 

Harry: Alright, I'll see you tomorrow too. 

Kim: *walks off* 

Harry: *heads off the other direction* 

Zayn: About time you're here.  

Liam: We heard you met a girl? 

Harry: I did, actually, you guys know her. 

Niall: Who? 

Harry: I can't reveal it, it seems like she didn't want to see you guys. 

Louis: Rude! 

Harry: She said another time because she had to go. 

Zayn: That's good, what's her name? 

Liam: That's the point Zayn. 

Zayn: Right. 

Elizabeth: Hey honey, how was school? 

Kim: It was awkward mom, like really awkward. 

Elizabeth: Why? 

Kim: I saw Harry. 

Elizabeth: Who? 

Kim: Harry! My friend from camp, I can't believe I saw him. I have to leave the school. 

Elizabeth: No, you can't honey. 

Kim: He said I still look the same that I haven't aged at all. 

Elizabeth: Well, you are a vampire now. 

Kim: Yeah, I know, but still mom. 

Dave: Talking about Harry? 

Kim: Dad? I thought you were... 

Dave: Your thoughts are pretty loud Kim. 

Kim: My thoughts? 

Dave: Your mother hasn't told you? 

Kim: Told me what?! 

Dave: I'll let you find your own powers. 

Kim: We have powers? I thought the speed was our only... 

Elizabeth: Your father's power is hearing people's thoughts. 

Kim: And you? 

Elizabeth: I have the powers to control peoples mind. 

Kim: Then what do I have? 

Dave: I'll show you, follow me. 

Kim: *follows dave* Ok, what's my power. 

Dave: You have two kinds' honey. 

Kim: *chuckles* Really? 

Dave: You a power where you can hear thoughts like me, and healing other people. 

Kim: *chuckles big* Really! This is so awesome dad! I love my powers, where can I try them? 

Dave: Not in the city. 

Kim: Oh? Ok, umm can you explain a little to me? 

Dave: Which one? 

Kim: Both. 

Dave: Let's start with heal, you can heal anyone. Especially from dying and hearing thoughts, it comes whenever, but mostly you can always hear them. 

Kim: I like this. *smiles happy* 

Dave: But you're healing, only use it on the ones you trust and know. 

Kim: Dad, this is so awesome, how did we get them? 

Dave: Only allowed to use them here, not out in the city or public, same with your speed. 

Kim: Yeah, I need to work on that. I was pretty quick for Harry. 

Dave: Just slow down to a four or five. Your speed walk is at a nine. 

Kim: Sorry. 

Dave: Start with tomorrow. 

Kim: Awesome dad, I love you! *hugs dave* 

Dave: I love you too Kim.

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