The Story Of Us

Have you heard the saying love is like a rubber band '' held by two people at both end's but when one let's go it hurt's the other'' well it's true this rubber band keep's smacking shay in the face and she cant let go.


1. the story of us

                             Shay & Junior's story is hard to tell there's so many

way's to start it but i'll tell the story of how he let go. Shay had this best

guy friend his name was harry  she told him everything, he told Shay

that she should leave Junior alone but she didn't listen. Now here's the story : After spending sixth grade together they had all the same classes in seventh grade so they talked a lot more one day in January he asked her on a date and she excepted  well because she has a major crush on him

they go out to the movies to see MAMA 3D with her  best friend Angie and Aaron .Shay & Junior sit together and they both kinda like each other but are all confused in the head so they aren't exactly dating yet. they end up holding hands and talking  all through the movie then  afterward they go to Johnny rockets a milkshake place.

when Angie asks Shay how she feels she denies it, as if there was nothing going on.

~~At school the next day~~

Junior &Shay flirt in 1st,3rd &6th block and their teacher's cant keep them seperated especially in 6th hour, but every time someone asks either of them about it they both denie it i mean it was none of those peoples buisness but it was so obvious i didn't understand why they didnt admit that they liked eachother because of that Shay ended up hooking Junior up with other girl's and became a tad bit jealous.

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