I remember my sixteenth birthday, not because it was full of happiness, it because that’s the day I died. My name was skylar Greene. Don't get me wrong I died because it was for the “greater good of human kind” well so they say but I know the real story and this how it all began.


1. beginning

I remember my sixteenth birthday, not because it was full of happiness, it because that’s the day I died. My name was skylar Greene. Don't get me wrong I died because it was for the “greater good of human kind” well so they say but I know the real story and this how it all began.  

“sky! Wake up you loser” my brother woke me up the usual way. “I'm up, I'm up!” I said as I jumped out of bed. “god…you… looked like…. a clown!” he said between laughs. I ran straight to a mirror. My usual straight black hair was all messed up, my usual pale face was covered with white make up, my lips were covered in deep red lipstick. “I'm going to kill you, Danny!!!” I yelled as I ran towards him. “Can’t catch me” Danny said as he ran out my bedroom door. “Daniel and skylar Greene! What are you two doing!” our mom yelled as she came up the stairs to check up on us. When she reached us she looked at me and said “honey I know I’ve told you change the way you dress but sweetie I don't think that your style” “mom! Danny did this while I was a sleep!” I argued. “you sir, Daniel can never do my make up” she said laughing. “Why,” Danny winded “I think I did a good job” “you suck!” I replied, while rubbing the make-up off my face. “Hurry up, and get ready for school you don't want be late on your first day at a new school.” Yeah, I almost forgot I had to switch school. “Mom can you pleases explain to me why I had to switch schools again?” my mom froze slightly “it closer to my work so it easier to pick you up from school sweetie, now get ready.” “Fine” I reluctantly agreed, as I ran to my bathroom. I wiped off all the remaining make up off my face and replaced it with my usual cover up and eyeliner. I dressed in my usual clothing, which were a black sweater and some black skinny jeans. My smooth black hair was always pulled back into a sloppy ponytail, I always left my bangs out so the can cover most of my face. “Skylar please wear one of the pink dresses I bought for you. It your first day you want to make a good first impression,” my mom tried to persuade me. “No, I'm not changing who I am just to be liked by a bunch of strangers.” I replied. She just rolled her eyes and I smiled. “Fine, get in the car” she told me then yelled up stairs “Daniel hurry up or I'm leaving you behind.” I jumped in to the front seat of our black Hummer. I turned on my iPod to my favorite song and completely zoned out until we reached my new high school. “Skylar, Daniel have a good day and make lots of friends” my mom said as we left the car. All the students that were outside were staring at us, well I don't blamed them its not everyday you see a hummer at your small town high school. When our mom finally waved us good bye, everyone was whispering about us already. I could already hear the rumors about my older brother being a hottie, my brother isn’t ugly I can admit that. He had short jet black hair that was gelled back. He was faired skinned with no flaws on his face. He had the dark blue eyes unlike me with my dark eyes that seemed black. I could also hear the rumors about the ugly Emo-Goth-Girl that was next to the new hottie, were about me like always. “Sky be careful do not get into trouble,” Danny warned me. “I will try to be careful,” I agreed. Danny looked at me suspiciously but otherwise let it go. “See you around sky” he said and left to his new first period while I headed to mine. “yeah.” The walk to my new first period seemed very long and I could feel the stares on my back as I walked by a group of girls and boys. When I finally reached my first period I wanted to disappear. Everyone that was already in the classroom stopped whatever pointless thing they were doing and looked at me. Ugh, I hate people! I thought to myself. When the bell rung, I was the only one standing in front of the classroom because I didn’t have a seat yet, and to make matters worse the teacher was running late. “Hey whose that chick standing in the front of the classroom?” one jock said to another. “I don't know but I bet she’s a freak” the other jock replied. Shut up you brainless jocks! I thought. At the same moment a young looking teacher came in a rush. “Sorry, I'm late I just had to pick up the other transfer student.” She said in between breathes. “Your skylar right?” she asked me when she saw me. “Yes,” I replied. “Nice to meet you!” she said smiling and continued “I’m Mrs. W.” Then she moved to the side revealing a boy and said “this is James, you two are both new students you two should get along.” James looked like an okay guy. He was black hair with green eyes, he seemed to have the same style as me, the only difference was that was hot and I was not. “Hello,” he said in a warm voice. “Hello” I replied. The teacher turned her attention on her class and said “this two are the transfer student play nice or your going to get detention, got it” she said with a smile but it still sent fear down my spine. I thought a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “Please introduce yourself and state where your from.” I gulped I hated speaking in public. “I’m James lee, I'm from New York.” He said with a icy voice. That was suspicious, why would someone from New York moved to this small town in the middle of California. “I'm skylar Greene, I’m from here I just changed high school for convenience.” I said but the class didn’t seem to care, they seemed too focused on James. “Settle down everyone it time for class to start.” Mrs. W yelled, the class instantly fell silent, “thank you. Now you two take those two seats in the back corner and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.” We made our way to ours seats and I almost got tripped by one girl but I caught myself in time and glared at her. She just smiled and acted like she didn’t do it on purpose but I knew better. Different school but the same kind of jerks, I thought. When we reached our seats Mrs. W got her class started. I reached into my pocket for my IPod and headphones, and just when I was about to put my headphones in, I caught James looking at me from the corner of his eye. “What?” I whispered to him. “Nothing, I was just thinking about why you would cover your beautiful face?” he replied. I was shocked that was the first time someone other than Danny called me beautiful. “I have my reasons” I said putting my headphones in. he said something else but it was too late I had already turned my iPod. By the time all the periods before lunch were over I was dead tired, and it so happens that James is in all of them. I shook my head to clear all the negative thoughts away as I approached Danny. “hey” I said as I reached him. “hey” he responded. “Danny come sit with us!” a girl yelled from across the lunch room. The girl was blonde, short and skinny, a cheerleader already? I thought to myself. I looked at Danny and said “go, I'm going to eat lunch with my friends too.” He looked me puzzled but otherwise let it go and said “I love you sis! See you!” he ran towards the girl and her group. I stared after him for a moment then turned my head and thought, forget it I’m going to find a quiet place to sleep. I walked the halls to find a quiet empty place to sleep and I stopped in front of the library. I opened the door and found that it was almost completely empty aside from a couple of nerds and some other people. I walked to the back of the library and found a table that was kind of hidden in the back. “This seems like a good place,” I mumbled. I took a seat and laid my head down on my arms. It didn’t take me long before falling asleep.


Sky my beautiful sky, you have grown my beautiful daughter. Its all most time for you to awaken to your destiny.”  A sweet voice said. I’m so sorry you will be put to the test and the fate of the world will be on your shoulders, but I know you will be strong enough to shoulder that burden and you are not alone.”  Who are you? Did you just say ‘my beautiful daughter’? why are you saying the world fate is in my hands? Why aren’t you talking anymore! wake up, my sky” Wait answer my question! I jumped up from my dream and looked around me and found James beside me looking surprised. “you’re a heavy sleeper aren’t you?” he asked as he got up and before I could protest, he continued, “come on class about to start and we have to run now, cause your were to absorbed in your dream land.” He grabbed my hand and we both ran out of the library and we passed Danny’s locker and a shocked Danny dropping his books on the floor. I couldn’t pull my hand  away from James grip so I just gave up and just followed him to our next period (which were the same too.) “how did you know I was in the library?” I asked him as we passed the lunchroom. “I thought you would be in the quietest places because you seem to be the type of person to fall asleep at lunch breaks.” He replied without hesitation. We ran in silent for a couple of moment then I asked, “why did you even look for me in the first places?” he stopped in front of our classroom and replied “I don't know just felt like it.” I rolled my eyes, “how long do you intend to hold my hand?” I asked. He looked at me puzzled and said “I’m holding your hand?” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes again. “you are, look .” I said pointing with my free hand at our joined hands.. “oh sorry.” He apologized as he let go of my hand. “its ok, at least we aren’t late to class come on.” I said grabbing his hand this time but let it go after we entered class and moved a good couple inches away from him. Even though I did that everyone seemed to gossip about me and him. This exactly why I hate people all they know how to do is gossip about others, I thought as sighed. “please take your seats.” The middle ages teacher said and he pointed to two seat in the back for me a James to sit. We both made our way to our seats. Most of the girl gave me dirty and disgusted looks, while the boys gave James the looks of envy. We reached our seats and sat down I wanted to put my headphones in but my iPod died, so I had to listen to the teacher ranting. Luckily the teacher didn’t want to rants so he just assigned us a project we could work in groups for. As soon as the teacher told us to break up into groups all the girls swarmed around James like a bunch of staving wolfs gathering around a piece of fresh meat. They practically shoved me out of my seat. So I just moved to another empty table all by myself. “so, James did you hear we’re having a dance next week? You should take me.” A blonde girl said trying to be flirty. “hey that’s not fair. He should take me!” a bunch of other girls protested. James didn’t seem to take notice of the war about him, but he did notice my absents and asked “where’s sky?” They girls stopped fighting at the sound of my name and suddenly I feel piercing stares on my back. “who’s skylar?” the blonde said the look of disgust. “she’s my best friend” he replied without hesitation. Best friend? My butt! I thought. “how can someone like her be your best friend she’s a total emo loser.” The blonde said looking even more disgusted, oww that one hurt I thought. “forget about her I will be your best friend.” She said grabbing his arm and pushing her boobs on it. How shameless! I thought horrified. James yanked his arm free and said “shut up and get lost ugly.” James said in the iciest voice I’ve ever heard, the blonde looked scared to death and the classroom fell silent. James was going to continue but I stopped him. “you…” “James! Calm down come here!” I order him. He looked at the blonde who was still frozen in her place as well as the other girls by her. “fine” he said through clenched teeth. He reluctantly made his way over to me still looking angry. “calm down James” I said again. He looked at me, the way he looked at me made me think of a puppy looking at his master after doing something bad. “it’s ok. I’m not mad but try to behave from now on.” I said putting my hand over his without realizing. “okay. I’m calm” he replied but the look in his eyes told me otherwise but he did seem to calm down a little. “why did you get mad anyway?” I asked as I pulled my hand away. “they’re talking crap about you!” he argued angry again. I took a deep breath and said “why does that matter?” “I just don’t like people talking crap about my best friend?” “when did I become your best friend?” “you became my best friend the moment you became my friend.” He responded with a puppy like smile. I couldn’t be cold to him like I was to everyone else so I just let it be. The rest of the day seemed to past by without any other further incidents. We had all the same classes and I felt better knowing I had at least one friend in all my classes. After school I met up with Danny. “who was that guy you were holding hands with?” he said looking angry. “my first friend” I replied happily. “you guys didn’t look like just friend from where I was standing.” He shot back. “we were going to be late so he dragged me to our classes.” I shot back at him just as fast. “hmm…” was all he responded with. I just rolled my eyes. When we got home we both went straight to our room to do homework and take a quick nap before dinner. When I was alone in my room I jumped on my bed after discarding my bag on the floor. I was dead tired after the long day even with that afternoon nap in the library. So I closed my eyes again and drifted to sleep. “my baby girl enjoy today because today is your last day as skylar Greene. This is your last day as who you think you were.” The sweet voice said. This time I didn’t have time to ask question. I awoke in cold sweat. I looked at the clock and it said 7:00pm it was time for dinner. I had a bad feeling but I ignored it. “sky! Its time for dinner!” my mother called from down stairs. I jumped up from my bed and combed out my hair, then ran down the stairs. “what's for dinner” I asked as I sat down at the table. “noodles and beef” my mom responded. “yum” Danny said licking his lips, I nodded in agreement. My mom severed us plates than she took her seat. “so how was your guys day?” she asked as she began to eat. “I made a friend” I said quietly. “yeah, she did and it’s with a boy!” Danny shouted. My mom almost choked on her noodle when Danny said that. “w..wh..what?” she managed to say in between coughs. “he’s name is James he’s also new to the school and we have all the same classes so we became friends, and when people were making fun of me he stood up for me and said I was his best friend.” I said in a rush. My mom still looked surprised but she smiled her approving smile after hearing about me being defended by someone other than Danny. “that’s good, what about you Daniel?” After my mom asked that, I knew I was stuck listening to Danny rant and rant about all his new friends, but this time I didn’t mind it that much. After dinner we washed our plates and we said our good nights. That night I went to bed without knowing what tomorrow held for me. This time I slept without dreaming.

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