Fate of the Assassins

Blythe, a young Nord woman, just arived in Windhelm to join up with the Stormcloaks when she heard the whispers in Candlehearth Hall. A boy? Contacting the Dark Brotherhood? Dangerously futile! She had too see for herself, make sure the Brotherhood stayed away from the city walls. Little she knew how much more trouble she would encounter in this than being a Stormcloak.


1. Preface

"Oi, Blythe! Where ya off to?" Shouted Sinmir, a burly Nord warrior. Everyone in the Bannered Mare stopped their actions to look up at the female Nord sneaking towards the exit doors. There was a strain of silence throughout the entire inn, and Blythe could feel at least twenty pairs of eyes on her, "It is nearly midnight. You should be asleep."

The broad stood up to meet Sinmir's gaze and spoke quietly, "I think it is time for a change. I am leaving for quite a while. Do not worry. I will be home soon, hopefully." Blythe sounded unsure at the end of her explanation, but she was in too much of a rush to care.

"That did not answer my question, lass. Do not make me ask again." Sinmir said with piercing words. Blythe tensed up, knowing her father would not approve of her destination. Of course he sided with the enemy, but that is how he got his injury. There was a ninety percent chance of her father saying no to her request.

Blythe swallowed her saliva and beads of sweat dripped from the back of her neck and down her spinal cord. She hesitated before she answered, "To join the Stormcloak rebellion." She did not bother to stay quiet, as everyone would know sooner or later, but as soon as Blythe spoke, there was an rupture of laughter from the entire inn.

"You? Joining in the war? On Ulfric's side? Haha, no way. Dear, you are way to nice to kill anybody!" Hulda, Blythe's mother, also of the Nordic race, chuckled. Tears pricked Blythe's eyes as she swallowed the lump in her throat. Her own mother did not even have faith in her.

"Please do not leave me here alone, you are the only one that is nice to me!" Lucia, an orphan Imperial child, cried. Blythe gathered the child in her arms and squeezed her tightly.

Blythe wiped the tears from her eyes before attempting to explain everything to the little girl, "Lucia, it is the right thing to do. The rebellion is at a loss and my people need me. I will be back for you, I promise." Blythe stood back up from the ground and was approached by her parents and many other bystanders.

Sinmir's  silver eyes poured into Blythe's soul with remorse, and Hulda tried stalling her from exiting the tavern. Mikael was on his knees and begging for her to stay, Carlotta wished her luck, and Heimskir wrapped an Amulet of Talos around her neck.

"Thank you. I will be on my way now. Do not send anyone for me. I love you Ma, Da, Lucia and the rest." Sinmir wiped Blythe's tears away with his thumb and gave her a hug. Hulda gave Blythe her lucky bow and many ebony arrows for weapons, many lockpicks for safety violations, and assorted foods for the long trip to Windhelm. With one last hug and kiss from her parents, Blythe left the Bannered Mare and did not look back.

At midnight, the guards do not usually stand by the door to Skyrim; Perfect for my plan to get out of town without being held by the jarl for treason, as Balgruuf is a man of the Empire. The door creaked as it was forced open lightly and made Blythe cringe, in hopes of not wanting Commander Caius to wake up and throw her into Dragonsreach Dungeon. 

Everything went smoothly as Blythe successfully pushed close the gate to Whiterun and crouched down to sneak from the other guards outside the walls for protection.She managed to lower herself in between the bridge opening on either side on the lift to get easier access passed the watchmen. 

Through the tunnel, Blythe could make out five guards that could have her head right under Numinex's and just above the Jarl's throne. Her body heated with panic, and fear of no way out. She searched the knapsack her mother strapped onto her in case she could find a couple useful items.

Many potions of healing, some posions, and other useless potions; Almost all the potions were useless, except for the Everlasting Invisibility potion at the bottom of the bag. She pulled out the cork from the lip of the bottle and took a slow sip, carefully trying to no slurp it. Blythe stopped when she felt the tingle of the invisibility spread through the nerves and keep her see through.

She stayed crouching down, in case the potion wore off and was spotted by a guard or civilian. The road down was treacherous because of all the towers the watchmen stand at and see people unknown from afar. They have to kill them from long range and do not let them survive; Safety was not one thing that came to mind when spoken of that to the citizens. Blythe knew that the jarl thought it was the best safety for the townsfolk, but Blythe also knew better.

Finally away from the gate, Blythe crept up to the stables and sat upon her horse, Midnight, "Shh. Stay silent, my dear." Blythe whispered into the horse's ear. The horse neighed quietly and Blythe scoured her knapsack for an apple to give the the black-as-night animal. Blythe poured some of the invisibility potion onto the apple, saving the rest of the potion for herself, and feeding it to Midnight.

When Blythe noticed the horse disappearing in color, she tugged at the ropes and guided herself and the horse along the east. When they passed by Honningbrew meadery, Blythe took the north turn before the bridge, in hopes of a faster way to travel. She did not look for safety on the roads, because there is no safety in Skyrim with the dragons and the civil war being about.

Along the north road, Blythe passed by the empty farmlands of Chillfurrow Farm and Battle-Born Farm, and her invisibility has almost worn off. Not wanting to get in trouble with the guards at the Whitewatch Tower, Blythe carefully drank a little bit heavier than the last bit she had.

She was relieved when the potion kicked in again before she reached the watchtower, though the men on guard were too busy fighting local bandits from Halted Stream Camp, which is slightly northwest of Whiterun, to notice her anyways. A little ways, onnce past the watchtower, Blythe was freely in a different hold never seen be her eyes before. She was in the snowy plains of the Pale.

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