Delilah and Louis had only see eachothers faces once and that was all it took, her parents sent her away to some fancy school in NYC , and he lives in the fastlane, his life changes every second. Ever since that day, they can't stop thinking of eachother...

-DELILAH! her friend screams, that was the name Louis will never forget.

Distance will be their enemy.


1. Meet Delilah

---Year 2009---
My name is Delilah Jones right now I live in Manchester, nice city if you ask me. Im 17 years old and im on my senior year of school, my life... Well it's not that bad, I have a nice family, lovely friends and a caring boyfriend his name is Lucas Braun, we go to school together so thats how we met, no cheesy story or fairytale stuff.

-Lilah, dinner is ready- my mom said from down stairs -please get here soon dad and I have something important to talk about with you-

-Coming mom

-Hello there beautiful - my father is the sweetes i've ever met, he's aleays finding ways to make me happy and loved- come we want to tell you something.

- Lilah, you know how you always wanted to attend University of Manchester- mom asked

-yes- i answered as a huge smike started to spread across my face, is t possible, am I going???

-well, unfortunately we can't afford  it right now, but guess what?

-what? - well that wasn't the words I was expecting, anyway if they are so excited something good has to be happening

-you are going to New York's University, the best university in journalism in America- my dad said, his face has never been so lightened and happy as it us right now

- the minute we saw it, we knew ut was right for you, its such a beautiful place, here take a look at it- she said while handing me some papers ptomiting the university i believe.

Honestly ever since I was 13 my dream has always been UM, but if my parents are working so hard to give me a good education i've got to make tge best out if what i've got...

-it look like a lovely place, i'll have a good time there- i said smiling

-yeah, im sure you will love- my dad said.

- speaking of good times, may I go to Lucas's house tomorrow adter school? Its his sister's birthday, and she wants me to go, promise I'll be home before 10

-yes honey- mom answered

Next morning
I had the wierdest dream ever, I was trapped in a dark room, without feeling my legs, and a boy was touching my body, not caring about my feelings, but a guy who I have never seen saved me i felt save with him...
-honey wake up, amanda just called, she'll be here in 15 minutes.
Amanda is my best friend i trust her like my sister, i would be dead maybe if it wasn't for her.

God! I forgot about Amanda -im almost ready-

I got out of bed, rushed into the shower got out and put on the first pair of jeans and shirt i found, nothing nice, it’s not like I’ll meet someone important.

-Here we are, the biggest music festival in the city, are you ready??
Lilah?? Lilah?? Delilah???

-oh yes, sorry, I’m shocked, I can't believe we are here- I lied, my mind is flooded with flashback from my dream this morning, why would a guy, who I don't know, would save me?

- OMG! Look at this, a lot of boys, hot nice looking boys, maybe we can get one for each- she said, a huge smile sounding through her voice

-you can get one, I've already got mine

- yeah yeah, whatever grandma, at least join me while I enjoy

-alright, but...- I turned around to look at her but a group of girls and boys stumped into the building and Amanda was nowhere to be seen, great now I have to walk around her until I find her, like it was easy

I started to walk around looking for my friend crashing with at least 15 persons per minute, this place is packed, why did I even accept her invitation...
-I’m so sorry, are you alright?- a guy said
-it's ok, you’re not the first I bump into, and you wont be the last one- I said while turning to look at him... There was something in that voice I felt familiar

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