Uncharted - Downfall of Drake

{ Will be continued after several views/comments } - Nathan Drake was a young adventurer, strong, youthful, talented and handsome. He had his whole life ahead of him, doing this most dangerous, fantastic things, having adventures and stealing ancient artifacts and saving the world all at the same time.


To keep the love of his life in his life, he's given up his colorful past and traded in the guns and climbing for taxes and mowing the lawn. No more running for his life, no more fighting drug lords, secret societies, or old friends turned enemies, that stuff was now reserved for movies and TV shows. Little does he know, however, history is doomed to repeat himself, and Nathan Drake can not be tamed.


1. Prologue of Sorts - Drake's Secrets

"I know things 'bout Nate." Sully mumbled. His words slurred together as his scotch slowly made it's impact upon him. His tone was solemn, though, and his face seemed contorted in confusion and disappointment. "I, I don't know if you've ever seen the kid break down yet, sweetheart." He took a swig of his glass. He was quiet for a few minutes, thoughtfully staring at the rim of his bottle. "But it ain't pretty. To see a grown man cry, much less somebody you think of like, like your own goddamn son."


The night was young, and yet, this conversation wasn't. Time and time again Sullivan, an older gentlemen with a lifetime of shady deals and adventures behind him, would try to bring this up. Ever since Nathan Drake had moved in with her and 'put the life behind him', as he had worded it, Sully started acting weird. If she didn't know him better, she would've assumed he was angry. At her.

"Sullivan, you're drunk." Elena clenched the bridge of her nose and sighed. She never liked when the boys drank, that's when memories came up to the surface and things hit the fan. All this time she thought drinking suppressed things, but these two proved the opposite. She put her glass down, a martini Chloe didn't finish before she went off to sleep, and put her hand on Sully's. "Let's just go to bed, okay?"


She'd be lying if she said she didn't notice it. Drake wasn't Drake anymore, that twinkle in his eyes had died. To live one's entire live, thriving on the rush of danger and living on the edge, it made you unable to live a normal life. Stealing ancient artifacts and getting shot at was, normal. For Drake anyway. Elena's normal consisted of Gossip Girl and popcorn and staying in on the weekends.

"Uh uh." Sullivan grunted, pulling his hand out from underneath her's, which warranted an irritated sigh. She wasn't prepared emotionally for another decade in the making vent from him. She almost had a melt down the last time, and that was coming from Drake. "You need'to know this, a-alright?"

"I'm sure it can wait till morning." She grumbled. "Now c'mon, before I get nasty Sully."

"He ever tell you about his parents? Anythin' bout his past?" Sullivan burped. He swayed a bit in his chair, but his eyes seemed oddly fixated on her, as if the mind was unaffected by the drinking. "He sleeps real close to you, don't he? Hugs a bit too tight, a bit too long?"

"Sully, we're married. We're gonna do shit like that." Elena, knowing she was defeated, reluctantly plopped back down into the wicker chair besides Sullivan's. "And Nate doesn't have to tell me anything he doesn't want to. I've told him things, and then I haven't. People keep secrets."

"Secrets are one thing, Elena." Sully's voice became very soft. "Keepin' a name secret when you're married is another." Their eyes met, and he saw a familiar sparkle in Elena's crystal blue eyes.

"What do you mean? Wh-Name? What, are you going to tell me he's not related to Sir Francis Drake? I mean I could've called that on the first day we met. I did my research, that shit doesn't lie." She cracks her neck. "I don't care. Listen, Sully, I know Nate has issues. He has a lot. I don't know what, or why, exactly, but I know they're there and I'll do anything I can to lessen the burden." 

"His name isn't even Nate." Slowly he takes out a cigar from his front shirt pocket. It's squishy and smells musty already, even unlit. Elena scrunches her nose but her mind stays focused on the conversation at hand. Her expression, however, is unchanging. She shrugs and gives Sully a little smirk.

"I could've guessed that too. I don't care." Another loose shrug of the shoulders. She lifts the Martini glass to her lips and takes a sip, keeping steady eye contact with the drunken elder in front of her. Might as well get shitfaced along with him, she thought. "He's seen people die. He's killed people, he's been drugged, beaten inches away from death, he has the goddamn right to keep his name a secret with half the crap he's seen."

"Calm down, calm down." He waved his hand at her flippantly, and she bolted upward, that fire in her eyes now. 

"Don't tell me to calm down! You bring me down here, drink a shitload of Scotch, get drunk as all Hell, and start telling me things about my husband you have no right to. What do you want, Sullivan? You want me to leave him?"

"No. No no no. Not at all, Elena." Sullivan closed his eyes. "You're the only thing that makes him happy. You're all he's got to live for. I'm just, I want you to know what you've gotten yourself into. I want you to know why he does what he does."

The two maintain solid eye contact for a few minutes, then Elena sits back down. He nods at her, and she takes another sip of her Martini. 

"Alright then. Tell me."

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