Sing With Your Heart

5 girls and 5 boys addition for the x- factor.
Those girls are Riley , Michelle , Avery ,
Julie and Kendra . Hose boys are Liam ,
Zany , Harry , Niall and Louis . They all
get in and they haft to all share a big
mansion. Will all of them fall for the boys?
Or will they reject them ? Read to find out ?


1. About us

Hi Im Riley Im 19 years old. I have green eyes and shoulder length curly brown hair. Im 5 foot 4. I like the color purple and I like tacos . I love to sing . It's my passion. My best frieda are Michelle , Avery , Julie and Kendra . We all love to sing. It's are life Hi I'm Michelle I'm 19 . I have long brown curly hair and brown eyes. I'm 5 foot 3 . I like the color orange and I like tiger lilis . I love to sing . My best friend are Riley , Avery , Julie and Kendra . We love to sing . Hi I'm Avery I'm 18 . I have light brown hair and it's up to my shoulders and brown eyes. I'm 5 foot 5 . I like the color green and the movie Grease .Singing is my passion . My best friends are Michelle, Riley , Julie and Kendra . We sing all the time. Hi I'm Julie I'm 20. I have long blond straight hair and blue eyes . I'm 5 foot 4 . I like the color blue and going shopping . Singing Is all I do on my free time . My best friends are Riley , Michelle Kendra and Avery . When all five of us sing together is magic. Hi I'm Kendra I'm 19. I have shoulder length curly blonde hair and green eyes. I'm 5 foot 5 . I like the color yellow and I like ice cream. Siging is the best thing ever. My best friends are Riley, Michelle , Avery and Julie . We love to sing all the time AN: sorry this is such a long chapter . I will try to update as soon as possible . FYI this is my first movella so please like my story. 


xx Michelle

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