Can't Hold Us

You Remember us? Well its Chloe and Caitlyn, duh! Remember getting kidnapped, running, laughing, being put in the hospital, and almost dying? Well, we do. We also have some new members to our family. As in children, wait children as in real human beings! Well yes, you can't just expect us to stay virgins forever! So yes we have two children each, and yes one boy one girl each. The sad thing is our children go a little... crazy I guess you could say. Just read the damn story to find out about their fucked up adventures!


1. One Big Happy Fa-

Remember us? The whole lot of us? Zayn, Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Chloe, and Caitlyn? Ring a bell? No? Why not? How could you not remember all the kidnappings, rescues, running, all the fun we all had, being in the hospital, and almost dying?




Wow. Can't believe all that happen. How can we forget any of that? Haunts us all, mostly Chloe and I though. Scars that will never fade, one kidney down, and nightmares that might haunt us forever. He may be gone but that doesn't mean he has left our minds. The saying, "Out of site, out of mind." is a lie. Chloe and I still have the slightest of feeling that he may not be gone. Certain things may set us off. We try not to let it affect our lives but we can't always control it. I mean, he has changed our lives forever. Who knows if we will ever get over it. But we always have the guys. They will and are always there for us.


Now a lot has happened since last time we talked. We have met some new people, became for famous (didn't even know that could be possible), and... well too much to say today. After Chloe and I left the hospital, our lives became different. It's like we have traveled to a parallel universe. The paparazzi hasn't left us alone since. The guys had to nearly triple their security and Chloe and I had to get security. Not only that, but we have had numerous trips back to the hospital. Some because of clumsiness, few due to me only have the one kidney, and others because of certain reasons. Can't say at the moment.


I can't get into grave details because you will find out soon. Soon enough my friends, the puzzle pieces will fall into place. You will know everything that has happened. All I can say is, our lives will never be normal. Well, they weren't before because the whole lot of us were, and still are, famous. And dating each other didn't lighten up the press. And w-


"Oh! Can I say something?!"


"No Chlo. I am just filling in our friends here."


"So let me help! I can help! Please?"


"Who gave you coffee?"


"No one..."




"Niall did!!!"




"I'm not here!"


"Way to tell her you were, Niall!"


"Liam! Shut up! I'm trying to sleep!"


"It's not my fault you got smashed last night Harry!"


"Plus it's 1 in the afternoon, Daddy D!"


"No one asked you carrot boy!!"


"Quit yelling at Louis, Harry!"


"Zayn!! Quit yelling!!"


"All of you shut the heck up for just one moment!"




Silence. Finally.


"Sorry Mommy D..."


"It's ok Louis."


Anyways, as you can see, we are one big happy fa-


"Mom! Uncle Louis took my book!"


"Coming Bells... LOUIS GIVE HER BOOK BACK!!"


"Aunt Chloe! Jacob, Michael, and I are going to shoot some hoops."


"Have fun Carson. By the way, you've seen Skye or Alea?"


"I think they are with Uncle Zayn."


Oh... Did I forget to mention the new additions to the family?

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