Mario Love

Story of Mario and Peach according to 3DS Mario Game


1. World 1

Mario and peach are sitting in her castle having tea when they hear a roar and see Bowser and his Koopa friends barged in with a dozen Goombas following him. Some had tails and could spin attack. 

"Mamma Mia!" Mario yelled.

Bowser shot Fire at him and it lowered him to little Mario. He took Peach and ran away with her swaying from his back. The red toad ran over and gave him a Brown striped leaf. 

"?" Mario tilted his head. 

The Toad motioned towards it and Mario walked into it. He felt a charge and jumped a little. He looked at himself and saw a Raccoon suit. He spun just like the Goombas did when Bowser attacked. He smiled, and flew out the big hole in the wall. There was a pathway to a course. 

Mario jumped onto the course and completed it with ease. There was a castle at the end with many sprite monsters. They Were Dragon heads with wings, Goombas, Thwomps, And Bullet Bill's all over at the end he battled Bowser. He had to run past him and hit the button to win.  Bowser Shot fireballs and Swung his tail at the same time, and Mario almost got caught. He hit the big black button, and underneath Bowser the bridge depleted. He fell into the wish-washing lava.  He roared and jumped up, but couldn't escape and landed in the lava. A door behind Mario opened and he walked in Trapped toads were cheering for him.

He jumped on the flag and slid down revealing the Mario sign on a flag.   


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