I Hate That I Love You (A Jai Brooks Fanfic)

I saw him at the gym and I thought he was cute so I talked to him. Little did I know that he would become the biggest part of my life. He would always mean so much to me, even through fights, loss, and devastation. We would always find a way back to each other. And that's why I will always be in love with Jai Dominic Brooks.


1. Intro

My name is Alyssa Butler. I'm 19 years old and I'm from Melbourne Australia. I've lived here for my whole entire life. Yes, I've got an Australian accent. Cheerleading is my absolute life and I have an obsession with exercising, tumbling, and staying healthy. I am on a big Australian team called the Australian All Star Cheer Federation. The beach is where I spend a lot of time also with my best friends Jasmine and Shay. Blonde is my natural hair color, but I dye it so it stays nice and light. It looks good with my tanned skin and hazel eyes. You could say I look like a surfer but Jasmine and Shay are the complete opposite. I was always jealous of Jasmine's long wavy black hair and big blue eyes and Shay's long red hair and green eyes. My hair was long, but straight. Jasmine and Shay are on my cheerleading team. I think that's enough about appearances, so now I'll talk about where I live and where I work. Australia is beautiful and I live right next to the beach in a small house that used to belong to my parents before they moved into the next town. I see my parents a lot and keep a good relationship with them. I honestly don't think I could live without them and I'm grateful that they're such a big part of my life. I'm a cheer and tumbling coach at a local academy which is my true passion. Going to college really isn't part of my life plan, my goal is to open up a tumbling academy of my own. I could tell you much more about myself, but that would take way too long. Now you know all the basics about my life. So now I'll move on to the story of a boy I fell deeply in love with.

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