The Game of Life

A 17 year old girl, Katie, is an ordinary teenager with the average life of a popular girl. One day her mom goes on vacation but halfway through, she is reported as MIA and Katie decides she must do what it takes to survive, and find her mom. Can she do what it takes to save herself and her mom........


1. Starbucks

 "Krissy!!,"Krissy's mom, Colleen yelled,"Get up! it's time for school!"

Krissy sighed, glancing at her clock which read 6:15, as she tried to roll out of bed.  She looked back to find that she was tangled in a mass of sheets from tossing and turning last night.  She sighed even louder as she sat up in bed and started to untangle herself.  Then it hit her, today was the day of her finals that she had been studying for suuuuupppeerrr "hard".  She finally got out of bed and put on her lucky jeans because they were her favorite and her little group of populars at school all had them.

"i'm coming", she yelled.

"Well come faster!",yelled her mom.

Krissy went into her powder room and started to do her make-up and straighten her long blonde hair.  She decided to go for a smokey-eyed look today which was pretty easy given that she already had grey green eyes.  She choose her newest pair of feathered earings from Forever 21 to complete her look and headed down stairs to find her mom with twenty dollars in her hand.

"Here you go darling!  Good luck on your finals!  Carlie, Chloe, and Katie said they'd meet you at Starbucks to grab breakfast and head over to school!  Oh and remember, don't ditch this time, you have to get your finals all done today!", said her mom in an energetic tone.,"See you after school!"

"by mom!", said Krissy as she grabbed the twenty and headed for the door stuffing her i-phone in her purse while shoving her allet in with the twenty dollars.  She opened the door and headed out to find that her limousine with Robert in the driver's seat was already ready for her.  

"Hi, Robert!  You just gotta drive me to Starbuck's today, i'm heading to school with some of my friends.",  Krissy informed him.

"Fabulous, that is the place where i shall dine also!", said Robert.

"Sure, just don't come to my table, got it?", she said in her usual sassy tone.

"Of course!  That was not my plan, to sit with you, i will definitely be across the shop!", said Robert in his happy chaffer voice.

Five minutes later,  Krissy found herself opening the front door to starbucks and happily chatting with her friends.  She also caught Robert out of the corner of her eye shaking his head at them.  She turned around and glared at him, he just waved her off and began a conversation with the man next to him.  The nerve, she thought, less happy now.

"Krissy, common we gotta order!", said Chloe grabbing her arm while telling the cashier," Four  frappichinos, two vanilla bean and two with triple chocolate.

"Will that be all?", said the cashier in a chirpy voice.

"No, actually, four classic coffee cakes also.", Krissy said handing her a wad of money."Thank you, that will be all."

The cashier put four coffee cakes in a bag and handing them the four frappichinos and the bag.  The girls decided that, since it was, in fact, already 7:00 that they should grab and start walking to school.

"i'm gonna like totally get a C on my finals!", said Carlie laughing.

"i know!", said the other three girls at the same time, sending them into a giggling fit.

They all knew that their "study time" with each other had ended up being a crazy party and that they had only studied for a minimal amount of time.

"Well, we should at least try to get like a great grade that way, even if we suck it up we'll like get around a C or a b.", said Chloe in a hopefull voice.,"That way, we can all get a passing grade so we won't all be held back!"

"Great idea Chloe!", said Katie, she wasn't sure that this would work out, but, it was worth the effort.

"Alrighty then.", said Krissy taking her last sip of frappichino and throwing it in the trashcan on the sidewalk.""Let's do this."

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