One Direction Imagines

if you want an imagine, just comment your name, your hair color, eye color, one thing people like most about you, and who you want it to be with. either comment this information to me or you can email it to me- hollymcharest


1. for all

your pov

I was on my way to my best friend's house. we had a movie night every weekend. normally it's just me and him, but since he was out in a band, all the guys have been coming. don't get me wrong, they are really cool guys but I miss my one on one time with Liam.

I have always really liked him but I haven't gotten the chance to tell him. I thought it would ruin everything since we have been best friends since we were seven years old. but I started liking him when our group of friends began to expand, so we were never left alone long enough for me to tell him.

I had just made it to his flat and I walked up to the door. after I knocked, Harry answered. 'hey (Y/N) come in.' he said as he stepped aside allowing me to enter. I walked in and said hi to the other guys but didn't see Liam anywhere. I took a seat on the couch next to Harry who was always asking me out or trying to flirt with me.

'so (Y/N) how have you been?' he asked as he placed an arm around me. I honestly stopped trying to stop Harry a while ago because there was no way he was going to quit it.

'fine, how about you Styles? everything going good with Jackie?' I asked since he was talking to some girl none of us have met.

'I broke it off. she wasn't really my type. since we're on the subject, how does a movie tomorrow night sound?' he asked as he moved closer.

'it sounds great, who are you taking?' I asked as he frowned. I smiled and stood up to go find Liam.

I walked into the kitchen and found him making snacks for the night. 'Li Li!' I yelled as he turned around and smiled.

'(Y/N)!' he yelled as he ran over and hugged me. I hugged him back before we pulled away.

'need help bringing these out?' I asked looking at the full trays. he smiled and nodded before handing me a tray.

'so how's Todd?' Liam asked a little annoyed by his name. Todd was a guy I was going out with but I had just recently called it off. Liam never really liked him. I have no clue why but he just didn't.

'we aren't together anymore, I ended it.' I said as we placed the trays down. I looked over at Liam who was try to hide his smile. he was such a little kid sometimes.

'well, I'm sorry.' he said as I rolled my eyes and took a seat on the couch, soon followed by Liam.

'can we play truth or day?' Louis asked as we all agreed.

'I'll start.' Louis said as he smiled at me. we had all moved into a circle on the floor.

'alright, (Y/N) truth or dare?' he asked as I took a moment to think.

'dare.' I said boldly.

'I dare you to kiss Harry.' he said as Harry smirked. he stood up and grabbed my hand. he pulled me up so I stood in front of him. he placed his hands on my waist and then his lips crashed down onto mine. I kissed back but his kiss was so desperate and needy. I didn't like it.

when we pulled away I looked over at Liam as soon as I sat down and he wouldn't look at me. 'Liam, truth or dare?' I asked as he continued to look straight ahead.

'truth.' he said flatly.

'what suddenly crawled up your butt to make you so angry?' I asked as he just stood up and walked to his room. I followed because I really wanted to know why he was so mad.

I walked into his room and saw him sat on the bed. he looked up and then looked back down. 'why would you kiss him?' Liam asked quietly. I sat down next to him and shook my head.

'it was just a dare Liam. I don't like him like that. I like someone else. but he most likely doesn't feel the same way.' I said as he looked at me.

'any guy would be lucky to have you. he would be stupid to not like someone as beautiful, smart, funny, and kind as you. I would know cause I have loved you since we were fifteen.' he said still not looking at me.

'I love you too Liam, I always have.' I said as he looked up. his smiled formed before he finally kissed me. his kiss was so soft and gentle. this was what I had been waiting for.

'be my girlfriend?' Liam asked after he pulled away. I nodded and he smiled.

'I love you.' I said as he smiled.

'I love you too (Y/N).' he said as I smiled.

'does this mean that this is a no to the movie?' Harry asked from outside the door. Liam and I both rolled our eyes at the same time.

'go away Harry.' I said. I was finally with the guy I have always wanted to be with.

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