Julie Davidson is a contestant on the X-Factor UK. It has always been her dream to meet the boys from One Direction- especially Louis. Will Julie make it far enough to meet them?


1. The Audition

I am freaking out. I only have five minutes until I find out if one of my dreams will be acheived. Five minutes until Simon Cowell, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, and Cher Lloyd will tell me if I have the X-Factor. I want to win this thing. If I win, I can use the five million dollars to buy racehorses to race. It's always been my dream to have famous racehorses and win the X-Factor. I love to sing and I love music. I play the alto and tenor saxophone. I also play violin. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My biggest inspiration in music formed on this show just under three years ago. It's my dream to meet them. This show could take you so far. One Direction was formed by Simon Cowell. He changed my life. Maybe he could change it more if I did well on audition. I wont though. Whenever I have pressure, I mess up. Even if I'm playing one of my instruments for one judge and no one else, I freak out and mess up. I don't know how I will do in front of four famous people judging me with the whole world watching me. I get handed an X-Factor microphone.

"You're on. Good luck."

The sound guy told me. I almost faint.

"Mom, I can't do this. I can't."

I turn around. There's too many people. I can't.

"Yes you can. You'll do great!"

She encouraged me.

"Go! Remember what I told you. I'll audition next year if you don't give up. You'll do great."

This is one of the first times my sister has helped me. My dad pushed me. I walk out on the stage shaking. There are too many people out there. And right in front of me- Simon Cowell. One of the biggest men in music.


I say shaking even harder.

"Hello. What's your name?"

Simon asks me. I take a deep breath. I start shaking even more.

"Julia Davidson."

Thats all I can get out.

"Nervous today are you?"

He asks me. I can only nod my head. He understands.

"What will you be singing today?"

I forget the name of the song and the lyrics for a second. Then I remember it. I remember all the lyrics. I get braver.

"Forever Young by One Direction."

I say. I am a lot more confident now, but I am still shaking like crazy.

"You may begin."

I start freaking out again as the music starts. Then I start to sing and I get lost in the music.

"Lets dance in style. Lets dance for a while. Heaven can wait, we're only watching the stars. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Are you gunna drop the bomb or not?..."

I finish the song. I think I did really bad. I messed up some of the rhythms and words. I tought that finished everything. The music finishes and the crowd thinks the opposite and roars. Even the judges are clapping and cheering. I can't believe that people actually like me. The crowd calms down and Ed starts with the comments.

"How old are you Julia?"

He asks me.

"I'm fourteen."

I reply. I wait for what he says.

"Fourteen? Are you sure?"

I nod.

"Wow. I thought you would be like eighteen or nineteen! You have an incredible voice for someone your age. I think you are a little shy and timid though. You got a little better at the end."

He says. I nod.

"I'm just really nervous right now. I can barley perform in front of one judge that isn't a huge person in music and a giant audience."

He nods.

"Well, for someone that nervous, you did great. I love your voice and how you got lost in the music. That was really good."

All I can say is

"Thank you."

Next Cher says her comments.

"Wow. only fourteen. That's incredible. I don't even want to know how nervous you feel. I was so nervous what I auditioned three years ago and I was sixteen! How did you work up the courage to do that?"

I can barley talk.

"My family, friends, and horses have been supporting me. I amlst backed down at the last minute, but my family stopped that from happening. Also, my favorite band and inspiration, One Direction, was on thgis show and look how far they got now! They're the most popular boy band right now. I want to be like that."

Cher continues.

"That was great. I agree with Ed. You were a little bit shy, but I loved it."

"Thank you."

All I can get out again before Demi talks.

"Julia, you are really good. My only concern with you is that you are too shy. I know that you are really young and this is a lot, but be brave. What are you brave and confident about no matter what?"

Thy are the asking me these questions?

"Riding my horse Jasper."

"Well, think that you are riding. It will make you braver. Pretend that you are singing to your horse. Real horse people tell their horse anything."

"Thats me."

I whisper.

"Good job Julia."

Lastly, Its Simon.

"Julia, you are really good. I have the same consern as Demi. Be braver. I know you can be. You came out on stage at age fourteen. That takes a huge ammount of bravery to do. Get brave. If you do, you will be the best. Think about riding your horse and be that brave."

I nod and say ok. Now its time for me to see if I'm gunna go to boot camp. I take a deep breath. This is the moment. It goes down the rows. Ed starts.

"You have a yes from me. With herd work, I think you have the X-Factor."

Then Cher.

"You've got a yes from me too. You are the best fourteen year old that I ever heard."

One more yes and I'm going to bootcamp. What will Demi and Simon say? It's up to Demi right now.

"If at bootcamp, you are confident, you keep going. You can do this."

Yes! I'm going to bootcamp! Simon interrupts the cheers.

"My vote doesn't really matter, but you have a yes from me too."

OMG! My fourth yes! I'm going to bootcamp!

"Thank you so much!"

I yell. I walk off the stage. Backstag, my family is celebrating. I scream. Ed Sheeran thinks I have the X-Factor. This is huge.

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