Well, this is my first story and I wanted to call it BELIEVE because I'm sure life revolves around believing.

'A moving, inspirational and beautiful tale about a special girl...'

It is about an ordinary girl called Anna-Marie who is a shy, ambitious girl who really wants to reveal herself to the whole world - show everyone who she really is inside and tell people what she has to say. I write in her shoes about her life and what goes on around and inside her. This story tells you about how she grows as a person, knowing more about life and herself. Just an average girl just like any other girl, but there is something in Anna-Marie that is dying to get out! Her true self!

Read this book to uncover this truly magical story...


1. Prologue

BELIEVE. This word is something that brings my whole life together, something that makes small difference to others I know but a massive difference to me. Do you know why this word is so important to me? It's because I've always believed that one day...

My dream would come true. 

That one day - I will be noticed for who I am inside and out.

That one day - I would become whoever I wanted to be.

The truth is that I don't care if anybody says or does anything that will knock me down. Because whatever happens, I know I will drag myself up from the ground, no matter how hard it is - and keep walking. Chin up and smile like I always do. Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever be able to get back up. Would I ever have the belief that I would get back to where I was before?

My dream is to become the person I choose to be. My choice and only my choice - not anybody else's. I aim to be keep living a happy, inspirational life with my family and friends, encouraging me throughout my life. 'Don't give up, Anything is possible, Keep Believng' No one has ever told me that, only my heart says this me. I really wish I could look into the future! What a suprise it would be!

Okay, yes we make mistakes, some succeed, some don't. To me, succeeding means that you accomplish the things YOU wanted to accomplish. The people that didn't succeed unfortunatley didn't believe. For those people, it's not the end - it's only the beginning...

Now in my shoes, trust me, this is only the beginning for me. I'm only getting prepared on the long, winding trip that belief has planned for me. All I need to do now is BELIEVE.

In the next chapter, I will write in the shoes of an ordinary girl called Anna-Marie, whose beliefs made her the person that she never thought she'd be...







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