Sea shell- Kingdom hearts fanfiction

A kingdom hearts fan fiction for the gaming competition. Hope you enjoy. Mainly focuses on Xion.
~Warning!!!~ Contains major spoilers!



1. Crystallization

Have you ever felt a relief from pain? A feeling of utter peace? Well, it's a sensation that I have been through. When it was all over for me, and my best friend Roxas was holding me tightly in my hands, I felt myself fade away. Shining crystals covered my body; it transformed my cloak of darkness into a veil of light. It's kind of ironic really, I was created to do evil but  I looked just like an angel. The actual thought of 'dying' wasn't the thing that scared me most. It was the thought that no one on this Earth will have no reccollection of me. The memories of me will drift away with me too.  I felt like crying but no tears came out. I'm a nobody right? Nobodies can't feel. However, the choices that I have made were for him. If I didn't choose to die like I am now, Roxas won't have long left. Even so, there is still something that needs to be done.

"Roxas.....I need you..... to do me..... a favour." I asked weakly. " All those hearts that I've captured; Kingdom hearts. Set them free."

" Kingdom Hearts. Free Them?" Roxas said, puzzled by my request. Suddenly, my feet was hardened by the crystals that glistened in the sunset sun.

" It's too late.... for me to undo my mistakes. But you can't let Xemnas have Kingdom Hearts. You can't." I said pleadingly.

" Good-bye Roxas. See you again. I'm glad I got to meet you..... oh! And of course, Axel too. You're both my best friends." I whispered, finally at peace.

Roxas looked at me with his saphire blue yes filled to to the brim with saddness. With my last ounce of strength, I brought my hand to his face and murmered:

"Never forget. That's the truth."

Even though he won't remember me forever. I just want him to know my name while I die. That's the least I can do. His eyes widened as the memory of who I am returned to him suddenly. Darkness crept in front of my vision. This was the end. The end of the girl named Xion. Before I dissapered for ever I heard his voice. Roxas's voice.

" XION!"


There was nothing.






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