My Secret Life With Harry Styles

Hello My Name Is Molly!! im not gonna tell you what the story is about so you are gonna have to read it to find out!


1. Trouble


 BLACK SIT IN YOUR SEAT YOUNG LADY" Screamed the teacher "Nah what if I don't wanna" I Replied , this Was your FIRST week in westerly High School and I was already miss-behaving .

"THATS IT DETENTION FOR YOU!!" Said the teacher loudly in front of the class "auuuggghhh" you moaned, its the 5th time you have been in detention. you started walking to the door then suddenly you had a burst of courage,you turned shouted Around  ALL TEACHERS SUCK BIG FAT COW BALLS!!", Strait away the teacher spun around and said "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR CRAP GO TO THE PRINCIPLES OFFICE RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY!!" at the top of her lungs "I have had enough of your nonsense " she finished with a cranky voice.


"FOOD FIGHT!" I shouted from the middle of the room, "Not so fast" I hear from behind me, I started sprinting away as fast as I can, but then I  remembered that the principle is on a vespa (a motor scooter) so I sprint fast as my feet could carry me until I reached the stairs....





Hey Guys This is My First Fanfiction The Character is Based On my Cousin Saffron 





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