Another World: Summer Love

You're probably wondering Another World: Summer Love right? Well Summer Love isn't just about Summer Love, it's broken down into five series I believe? There's Summer Love, Still The One, Kiss You, More Than This, and Forever Young. Ok this is the first serie and it's about a girl name Kim. She was only 5 when her parents died in a car crash. Her older brother who was 8 went missing during the accident. 12 years later, Kim goes to Summer camp where she meets One Direction. Zac who is the two coaches foster son comes to camp to help and Kim believes that Zac is her long lost brother. Read on and see how this series end with a twist.


1. 1.1

Officer Brad: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door*  

Officer Brad: *smiles* Hi honey, are you Kim? 

Kim: Are you an officer? 

Officer Brad: Yes, I am, is your name Kim? 

Kim: Yeah that's my name. 

Officer Brad: Hello Kim, I'm Officer Brad, do you want to come to the hospital with me? 

Kim: I can't, not without my parents permission. 

Officer Brad: *leans towards kim* Kim, they're not coming back. 

Kim: Where are they? 

Officer Brad: Is anyone in the house with you? 

Kim: It's just me, my brother Zac left with my parents. 

Officer Brad: Left with your parents? How old is he? 

Kim: He's eight. 

Officer Brad: I'm gonna take you to the hospital, but I need you to be strong, can you do that? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Officer Brad: Ok, good girl. 

Kim: *gets in the car with brad* 

Officer Brad: She's here. 

Nurse Tricia: Bring her in. 

Officer Brad: How are we gonna tell her without her crying? 

Nurse Tricia: How old is she? 

Officer Brad: She just had a birthday she said. She has an older brother she said, but he was with the parents. 

Nurse Tricia: I don't think anyone saw him when they got to the car. 

Officer Brad: He must have taken off, he can't be far, I'll send the others to look for him. 

Nurse Tricia: I'll company Kim.  

Officer Brad: Kim, this is Nurse Tricia, she's gonna be your friend for now. 

Kim: What's going on? 

Officer Brad: Tricia. 

Nurse Tricia: Honey, your parents got into a car accident and didn't make it out alive. 

Kim: What? 

Nurse Tricia: Your mom and dad didn't survive the accident. 

Kim: *holding in her tears* No, you're lying! My parents are alive! I just saw them before they left to the store. *cries* You can't tell me that they're dead. 

Nurse Tricia: Kim, come here. *opens her arms* 

Kim: *runs and cries in tricia's arms* 

Nurse Tricia: Officer Brad is going to take you into the foster care ok. I need you to be good with him do you hear me. 

Kim: *cries harder* 

Megan: Hi, is this Kim? 

Kim: *silent in tears* 

Brad: Kim, you're going to stay here in the foster care until someone adopts you, ok. This is Megan, she's a nice girl, and she'll take care of you until your new mommy and daddy comes pick you up. 

Kim: *silent* 

Brad: *turns to leave* 

Kim: *runs and hugs brad from behind* Please don't leave me here with these strangers. Please don't abandon me like my parents. *cries* 

Brad: *looks at megan* 

Megan: *runs to get kim* Honey, you'll be ok with us. 

Kim: *cries harder* Don't leave me here please Officer. 

Brad: *touched for the first time* 

Kim: *crying* 

Brad: *tears in his eyes*  

Megan: I'll give you two a minute. *leaves* 

Brad: *kneels down to kim* Kim, I can't take you. 

Kim: *wraps her arms around brads neck and cries* Don't leave me here alone please. I don't know them. 

Brad: *looks up to the sky in tears* I'll take her Megan. 

Megan: You want to take her? 

Brad: Yes, as my daughter. 

Megan: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *crying silently* 

Megan: You know, just take her, it's ok. 

Brad: *looks at kim* You're gonna go home with me ok. *smiles in tears* 

Kim: *hugs brad* 

(12 years later) 

Coach Adam: Alright roll call! 

Liam: *runs to his row* 

Coach Adam: Why are you late Liam! 

Liam: I'm sorry, I was still getting ready, it won't happen again. 

Coach Adam: Why are you late Louis! 

Louis: I was still fixing my hair Coach. 

Coach Adam: Twenty pushups now! 

Louis: *gives 20* 

Coach Adam: Good, Zayn! 

Zayn: I over slept. 

Coach Adam: *upset* Harry Styles! 

Harry: I was getting ready as well. 

Coach Adam: Niall! 

Niall: I was eating. 

Coach Adam: Twenty sit ups now! 

Niall: *does 20* 

Coach Adam: You! 

Kim: *smiles* Hi. 

Louis: *amazed* Wow, she's pretty. 

Coach Adam: Why are you late! 

Kim: *startled* I'm, I'm, it's my first day here. 

Coach Adam: Sit over there! 

Kim: Oh? Ok. *walks to the bench* 

Coach Adam: Eight laps around the lake now! 

Liam: *runs off* 

Niall: Why do we have to run? 

Coach Adam: That's another three laps for you Niall! 

Niall: What?! 

Coach Adam: Should we go for another three! 

Niall: No. *runs off* 

Coach Adam: What's your name Hun? 

Kim: Kim. 

Coach Adam: Kim what! 

Kim: Kim Thompson. 

Coach Adam: Alright, just sit here, I'll tell you where you're gonna sit at. 

Kim: Ok. 

Liam: *finishes fourth* 

Coach Adam: Good job Liam. 

Zayn: *finishes seventh* 

Coach Adam: C'mon Niall! You still have four more laps! 

Niall: I know! *speeds* 

Harry: *finishes tenth* 

Coach Adam: Almost done Louis! 

Louis: *finishes twelfth* 

Niall: *finishes twenty-seventh*  

Coach Adam: Role call! Kim! 

Kim: Yeah. 

Coach Adam: Right here behind Harry. 

Louis: *scoots back and smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: Hi, I'm Louis, and that's Harry in front of you. 

Kim: Hi. *smiles* 

Harry: *turns around and smiles* Hi. 

Coach Adam: Leave. 

Zayn: Hi, I'm Zayn. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hi, I'm Kim. 

Liam: I'm Liam, and this is Niall. 

Niall: Hi. *smiles* 

Kim: Hi Liam, hi Niall. *smiles* 

Louis: You should hang out with us at the lake tonight. 

Kim: I don't know if I can. 

Louis: It'll be fun; our girlfriends will be there too. 

Liam: You can meet them, they're really nice. *smiles* 

Kim: No, it's ok. 

Zayn: It'll be fun, you don't want to miss out because everyone's gonna be joining. 

Kim: I'll see what happens; I gotta get use to this place first. 

Harry: I can show you around. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* You look really familiar, but I just can't seem to remember. 

Harry: I don't think I ever met you before. *chuckles* 

Kim: I have. 

Harry: Where? *smiles big* 

Kim: In my dreams. *walks off* 

Louis: Oh, that was a good come back. 

Liam: I don't think she was trying to be funny guys. 

Zayn: Yeah, you guys upset her. 

Niall: I'll go talk to her. Kim! Wait up! *runs after kim* 

Kim: Can I help you? 

Niall: I'm sorry my friends laughed, they're immature like that, I mean I am too, but we all have our days. 

Kim: Well, I'm not interested in being friends with you guys. I have to unpack and everything. *walks off* 

Liam: What happened? 

Niall: She doesn't want to hang out with us. 

Louis: It was my fault for laughing, I shouldn't have laugh. 

Zayn: Yeah. 

Harry: It wasn't just Louis, it was me too. 

Niall: Well, don't next time. 

Eleanor: Hi. *smiles* 

Kim: Oh, hi. 

Eleanor: Are you Kim? 

Kim: Yes, are you... Eleanor? 

Eleanor: Correct, I just want to welcome you to camp and to this dorm. 

Kim: *smiles* Well thank you so much, I'm so glad to be here and be roommates with you. 

Eleanor: Awh, you're sweet, well if you ever need anything, I'm here ok?  

Kim: Yeah, thank you. 

Eleanor: Well, my boyfriend and his friends are hanging out at the lake tonight, do you want to come? 

Kim: What's your boyfriends' name? 

Eleanor: Louis, he's a nice...  

Kim: No, I'm good here. 

Eleanor: *smiles* Ok, well feel free to come out and join us if you want to. 

Kim: Thank you. 

Eleanor: *smiles and leaves* 

Liam: Hey babe. 

Danielle: Hey babe. *kisses liam*  

Liam: I missed you. 

Danielle: I missed you too. 

Louis: There's my girl. 

Eleanor: *smiles* 

Louis: *hugs and kisses Eleanor* 

Eleanor: I got a roommate. 

Louis: Yeah, who? 

Eleanor: Her names Kim, she said she'll come hang out with us in a bit. 

Louis: Oh, that's great. 

Harry: We'll love for her to hang out with us. 

Liam: Yeah, of course. 

Zayn: Where is she? 

Eleanor: She's in my dorm. 

Zayn: I'll go talk to her. 

Eleanor: Did you guys meet her already? 

Liam: Yeah, we did, she's nice. *smiles* 

Eleanor: Yeah, she is. *chuckles* 

Zayn: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: *come in* 

Zayn: *opens the door* Hey, Kim. 

Kim: Zayn? What are you doing here? 

Zayn: I just came to check up on you, you ok? 

Kim: I'm fine why? 

Zayn: Do you want to hang out with us at the lake? 

Kim: No, it's ok. I'm gonna get some sleep, I'm kinda tired. 

Zayn: If you're embarrassed by my friends, I totally understand, but when they're serious, they're serious, I'm sure they didn't mean to laugh. 

Kim: I don't! Care about getting laughed at. 

Zayn: Who's that? 

Kim: That's me and my mom. 

Zayn: Your mom's really pretty. 

Kim: Thank you. 

Zayn: That must be your dad right? 

Kim: Yeah, that's my dad. 

Zayn: And who's that officer? 

Kim: That's my foster dad. 

Zayn: Foster dad? 

Kim: My parents died in a car crash when I was five.  

Zayn: Really? I'm sorry. 

Kim: It's ok; I'm living a good life now. Still wish I was with my parents, but... things will be ok you know. 

Zayn: I'm really sorry. *walks and hugs kim* 

Kim: *hugs zayn* 

Zayn: Come hang out with us, it'll make you feel better. 

Kim: It's ok. 

Zayn: C'mon, I'll carry you out there. 

Kim: What? 

Zayn: *kneels down* C'mon, hop on. 

Kim: *smiles/chuckles* What are you doing? 

Zayn: C'mon, just get on. *chuckles* 

Kim: *sighs and gets on zayns back* 

Zayn: *carries kim out to the lake* 

Liam: What's he doing? 

Danielle: That's your roommate? 

Eleanor: *smiles* Yeah, why? 

Danielle: Nothing. 

Kim: You can put me down. 

Zayn: *kneels down* 

Kim: *gets off* 

Zayn: *grabs kims hand* 

Kim: *looks at zayn in shock* 

Zayn: *smiles and waves hi to the boys* 

Louis: You didn't tell us you two were dating? 

Kim: We're not. 

Zayn: Just for tonight. 

Kim: Huh? 

Zayn: *wraps his arms around kim from behind* It's a cold night don't you think? 

Kim: *feeling awkward*  

Eleanor: You two make a really good match. 

Kim: We? 

Danielle: Yeah, you two really do. 

Zayn: I know we do. *smiles* 

Kim: I don't even know you, can you not hold me like this. 

Zayn: *moves his arms* I was just trying to make you feel comfortable around us. Sorry if I made it worst. 

Kim: It's ok. *looks away and sees harry sitting alone*  

Liam: What's wrong? 

Kim: Nothing. *walks to harry* Harry. 

Harry: *turns around* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey. 

Harry: Oh, hey Kim, what's up? *fakes a smile* 

Kim: Just hanging out with you guys. Why are you here by yourself? 

Louis: You like her don't you? 

Zayn: She's pretty, I want to get to know her more, but it looks like she's more into Harry. 

Liam: It's ok. 

Harry: I was just thinking about what a bad person I am. 

Kim: Bad? 

Harry: For laughing at you, I know I must have embarrassed you, and I didn't mean to. I'm pretty upset still with myself for doing that. I don't know why I did that, I usually don't laugh at those things. 

Kim: I wasn't embarrassed, I was making a fool of myself, I deserved it. 

Harry: No you didn't. How'd you find us? 

Kim: Zayn carried me here. 

Harry: Zayn! *chuckles* He carried you here? 

Kim: Yeah, it was weird, but I liked it. *shows a little smile* 

Harry: Liked it? *smiles big* 

Kim: *laughs* 

Harry: *laughs* 

Liam: They seem to like eachother. 

Louis: Just listen to those laughs, so cute. 

Harry: I like your laugh. 

Kim: I'm sorry? 

Harry: Your laugh, I like it. 

Kim: Oh, thank you. I like yours too, it fits you perfectly. 

Harry: Fits me perfectly? *tries not to laugh* 

Kim: *chuckles* You know what I meant. 

Harry: Yeah, I do, I think. *chuckles* 

Zayn: She's adopted. 

Niall: How do you know? You asked her. 

Zayn: No, she was putting picture frames on her desk and I saw. 

Niall: How do you know she's adopted? 

Zayn: She told me, her parents died in a car crash when she was five. 

Kim: Are you telling them what I told you? 

Eleanor: It's ok, we need to know. 

Kim: No! You guys don't need to know anything about my personal life. I almost didn't want Zayn to know, but he asked, so I only told him. 

Zayn: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told them. 

Kim: Yeah! You shouldn't have! *walks off mad* 

Harry: Kim! Kim!  

Zayn: I'll go... 

Harry: I'll go get her. Kim! *runs after kim* 

Kim: *stops* 

Harry: Hey, look at me. 

Kim: *turns around* 

Harry: I'll be your friend, and I'll make sure none of the boys hurt you. 

Kim: *runs off*

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