Love And Hate

" I can't take it anymore Harry. This is to much I hate you but I love you I can't take it anymore. I know you hate me but no need to torture me with names. Now this is official I HATE YOU HARRY STYLES....."I shouted to Harry "but Kathryn...." "Don't touch me you dick." I grabbed my stuffs and left our house. I leave with Harry because he was my stepbrother but I have strange feeling for him by the way my name is Kathryn Chandria Brooklyn Bernardo....


1. i met my stepbrother

Kathryns P.O.V "Kathryn here is your stepsister Gemma. "My dad said "Hi Gemma my name is Kathryn but you can call me Kath. Nice to meet you."I placed a hand to shake hers "hey Kath I think were really gonna be really close friends" she said instead of shaking my hand she hugged me and I hugged back " hey Harry your here." Anne said I turned around and saw a Guy jogging to Anne and to Gemma "So Harry this is Kathryn you stepsister. " Anne said "Harry" "Kathryn" then we shaked hands and he got seated. Harry was staring at me ... until "hey Kath lets go shopping...?" Gemma asked "sure."I answered "excuse us"she said and stand up and pulled me out side "c'mon Kath" she said I followed her inside the mall and we entered forever 21 she showed me a pink short shorts. "This looks good on you " I nodded and smile " why are you smiling" Gemma asked "because I wanted a sister and now I have a nice sister like you" I answered and we hugged then she showed me a strapless loose purple dress. And said "this is my gift for you " then she went to the counter to pay the shorts and the dress and we went home
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