The Something

Mythical Creatures (vampires ect.) fight against an unknown force


1. The Coming

We knew something was coming, something bad, inevitable. I'm not saying we have a school full of psychics .. we only have about four of them. The rest of our school population consists of vampires, werewolves, and even fairies. None of that TinkerBell bullcrap, but more along the lines of a person who looks mortal...human, except for the fact that they have razor sharp teeth, burning red eyes, and oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they can practically  fire wings out between their shoulder blades whenever they freaking choose. Whatever.


Still, something was coming. We don't know what, or have a damn clue as of when. The psychics, whenever they try to see this thing, their visions get all blurry and scrambled and they just can't see it at all. They described this process as trying to wear someone else's contacts that are completely dried out while walking through a sandstorm in the middle of the night during a new moon. Great


Our teachers are even on edge. I saw my magic theory teacher holding a fireball in his hand under his desk, and everybody else noticed too, especially when he accidentally lit the exam papers on fire... let's just say we didn't have the exams today after all...

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